Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Michael Josefowicz and Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing

After 30 years selling Print to designers followed by 7 years teaching Print production to designers, I suffer from the "What YOU should do is . . . " syndrome. Now that I am retired, I can indulge my need to tell other people what they should do without fear of giving offense.

I can also pursue my passion at Clickable

The purpose of Clickable Print. org is to find, fund and mentor full featured prototypes to demonstrate the power of print to improve high school education at the bottom of the pyramid. This is an all volunteer project.

Contact at josefowm(a)

About Michael Josefowicz
I can't remember when I fell in love with Print. Probably when I was seven and discovered comic books. Some years later I graduated from Columbia College in 1967 with a major in sociology. Then spent a year studying demography at University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1968. Then I taught for a year in a public school in Manhattan. Then my wife and I started a printing company called Red Ink Productions.

I learned about selling print in the "wild west days" of Print in New York City from the 70's through the 90's. During those years I made many mistakes, many more than once. I think I learned some things along the way.

For those 28 years I owned a boutique print brokerage that catered to high design professionals, museums and art galleries. Then I taught for 7 years at Parsons School of Design. In between I was involved in one internet startup that crashed and consulted with another that was eventually bought by an 800 gorilla. I'm interested in proof of concept projects for digital printers and reinventing high school education.

If you are interested you can read my columns at PBS MediaShift here, my columns at What They Think here and postings at The Digital Nirvana here.

Anyway, I love Print and the people involved in the Black Arts, both past and present. Production, sales, vendors, press people, bindery people, Gutenberg, Benjamin Franklin and even some designers - they are all great people.

- Michael Josefowicz, February, 2009 updated June 25, 2009