Saturday, January 3, 2009

Xerox Corporation unveiled its Mail Shop in a Box program | Press Release

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"Xerox Corporation unveiled its Mail Shop in a Box program
January 3, 2009 ( - Technology)

The new Mail Shop in a Box program by Xerox Corporation is a hit with all clients. It is one of the easiest ways to update the commercial and quick printers and add mailing services to them. Along with this Xerox has come up with more innovations like the web based sales trainings and the very much in demand Webinars on the changing trends in the industry."

Xerox Color Laser Printer w/ LCD or GPS $349 -

"$349 free shipping
Xerox Phaser Network Color Laser Printer w/ GPS or other gift offers the Xerox Phaser 6130/N Network Color Laser Printer (pictured) together with your choice of the ASUS VH222H 21.5' Widescreen LCD Monitor, Canon PowerShot SD770 IS Silver 10-Megapixel Digital Camera, or Garmin n�vi 255 3.5' GPS for $349 with free shipping. (Scroll down to combo deals, click 'view all', and choose your gift.) Except for the recently-expired PayPal promotion, that's $30 under last week's mention and the lowest total price we've seen for each pair by $230 to $250. The printer features up to 600x600 dpi print resolution, up to 16 ppm, 128MB internal memory, and Ethernet and USB 2.0 connectivity.
Hotness: hotness: 4/5
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It's getting pretty nasty out there. As long as the paper and consumable prices are relatively stable, we're ok. But watch out.

101 Inventors with 50 or More Patents

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"An innovation powerhouse for more than 50 years, Xerox has developed deep expertise in marking, materials, electronics, communications, software and services. Mestha joins other 50-plus patent holders representing a variety of disciplines. Among them are:"

  • Douglas Curry, a principal engineer at the Palo Alto Research Center, holds 51 patents. He recently invented a scanning microscope that identifies and locates cancer cells in blood. In the late 80's he co-developed the world's first quad-beam laser printer and the resulting hyperacuity printing patents form the basis of today's multibeam laser printers.
  • Karen Moffat is a polymer chemist who works at the Xerox Research Centre Canada. Moffat, who is an expert in the area of toner materials design and synthesis, holds 52 patents, many of which are related to toner materials including Xerox's proprietary emulsion aggregation toner. EA Toner is an energy-saving dry ink that produces sharp, vivid images.
  • Markus Silvestri is a solid state physicist who also trained in imaging and color science. Silvestri, who has 52 patents, specializes in photoreceptors, the material on which the latent image is formed prior to developing the printed image. His inventions contribute to the goal of making copiers and printers faster, with fewer print defects, and longer lasting photoreceptors. He works in Xerox's photoreceptor development area in Webster.
  • Bob Street, a physicist and senior research fellow at PARC, has been awarded 53 patents. Street's current work focuses on exploring high-volume printing technologies that could replace techniques traditionally used to create thin-film transistors, and using organic materials to create large-area transistor and sensor arrays.
Awesome! But, how far are they from the market? When and how they get monetized? Is it really about patents in an Obama defined world?

Or is about applications?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Women CEOs slowly gain on Corporate America

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"The year 2008 knew no gender in its devastation. The S&P 500 fell 38.5%, its worst year since 1937. But the S&P 500 performed 4 percentage points better than the average large company run by a female CEO, down 42.7%. The best-performing of the firms led by women was Kraft Foods (KFT), down 18% under Irene Rosenfeld. Sunoco (SUN) fell 40% for 2008, but lost just 4% since promoting Lynn Elsenhans to CEO on Aug. 8 (the S&P 500 fell 30% that same period).

The year was bad enough to obliterate career performance. Nine of the 12 companies have now lost money for any shareholder who invested on the day the women got the job. The only exceptions: Susan Ivey at tobacco company Reynolds American (RAI) and the two most-tenured women, Andrea Jung at Avon (AVP) and Anne Mulcahy at Xerox (XRX). Avon is up 65% during Jung's nine years, and Xerox is up 1% during Mulcahy's 6 1/2 years. Reynolds is up 21% since Ivey began in 2004."

Cloc spends 'half a million' on digital kit to meet demand

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"Cloc is targeting a 3m turnover after investing in a quartet of Xerox digital machines to help serve its burgeoning educational client base.

The commercial printer, which has its main facilities in London and Southampton, has outlaid 'around half a million pounds' on DocuColor 242, DocuColor 8000AP and mono Nuvera 288 and 4112 machines.

It opted for the new digital presses to complete work for its customer base, 90% of which operate in the educational sectors.

Cloc's DocuColor 242 and Xerox 4112 will run from the company's site at Southampton's University of Solent, where it produces on-demand educational books and collateral for many of the university's bodies.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

This isn't the right thing to do

I got this from the Cloud. It was a comment on one of the company blogs, but never made it through to get posted. It might "make sense," but it's not consistent with the values of the company. Somebody needs to fix it. The whole pension issue is going to blow up in the press probably sooner rather than later. To be clear, I have no idea if it's true or not. Just posted what I found.

Is the money saved really worth the potential brand damage as we move into an Obama defined world?

December 6, 2008

Matthew R. Maher Jr.

Dear President elect Obama and Vice President elect Biden,

We voted and campaigned for you and congratulate you both. We are confident you have America’s middle class at heart. Your polices will determine our future voting, however we fear you have made a mistake selecting Anne Mulchey, CEO of Xerox, to your economic team.

My wife and I along with 30,000 other middle class employees retired from Xerox with over 30 years of dedicated service were promised retirement benefits when we retired. Ann Mulchey CEO of Xerox has completely eliminated funding for promised health care benefits for all 30,000 retired employees and 50,000 future retirees.

Anne Mulchey enjoyed a 22% increase in salary for performance as CEO in 2008. Xerox has repurchased 4.5 billion dollars of their stock, paid down debt, annual revenue growth was 8.4% and net income is 6.2%. This action to eliminate promised health care benefits of elderly retired 30 year plus employees who can least afford and plan for is purely corporate greed and unjustified.

Letters to Anne Mulchey asking her to reverse this change in promised benefits have received no replies. Please convey the hardship Ann Mulchey has inflicted on Xerox retirees and request she permanently reverse her decision eliminating funding for Xerox retirees promised health benefits they worked their entire lives for. I sending this request to every one on your committee and others who may come in contact with Anne Mulchey, including government representatives, public media, present and retired Xerox employees.

Your view in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Matthew R. Maher Jr.