Saturday, June 6, 2009

Consolidated Graphics: Consider manufacturing clickable postcards, posters and newsletters.

Since you already have the printernet part in place, all you need is the variable information rich QR codes at production speeds. It looks to me that CodeZ should do the trick. Hint: Get printing brokers and members of the PSDA to sell it.

Just post the press release at WTT or PRWire so I can find it when it's ready to come to market.

Here are some samples of what I mean.

Will Higher Education Be the Next Bubble to Burst? - The short answer is yes.

That's just one more opportunity for printernet publishing and clickable print.
Will Higher Education Be the Next Bubble to Burst? -
"The public has become all too aware of the term 'bubble' to describe an asset that is irrationally and artificially overvalued and cannot be sustained. The dot-com bubble burst by 2000. More recently the overextended housing market collapsed, helping to trigger a credit meltdown. The stock market has declined more than 30 percent in the past year, as companies once considered flagship investments have withered in value.

Is it possible that higher education might be the next bubble to burst? Some early warnings suggest that it could be.

If the question is teaching production to graphic designers. The answer is clickable Print.

19th Century Letterpress Newspaper Production.

If the Question is Viral Marketing. The answer is Clickable Postcards.

Check out the three previous posts and you'll see what I mean.

CNW Group and PR Newswire need Clickable Postcards

CNW Group provides services specific to professional communicators such as newswire, communications management tools, media monitoring and measurement, webcast, photography, video production, translation and more. We specialize in the distribution of time-critical news release and multi-media content to media and financial audiences locally, nationally, and globally. CNW is co-owned by U.S.-based PR Newswire and U.K.-based PA Group and operates with 24-hour bilingual service. CNW operates in the province of Quebec as CNW Telbec (

Here's the clickable postcard.

Yahoo and Musicians need Clickable Postcards

It's music. It's not the feeling you get when you believe the blablabla about the End of Print.

McGraw Hill Needs Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing

Disruptive Class: Changing the Way the World Learns

Quincy Allen + Vertis could help fix high school education and enter new markets for Vertis

Clickable Print connects Print to the Web.

FSI's and shoppers are a proven mass media. Every bottom of the pyramid high school kid will be happy to browse a shopper. Every kid in BOT High School loves cell phones and every school now has computers.

The key is cell phones and information rich QR codes created at production speed from COPI.

If you change the supermarket stuff to links to, economics, history, public affairs and wikipedia then FSIs and Printernet Published leaflets and newsletters could replace textbooks.

If they were supported by clickable ads for public health and governance, there are two revenue streams and eventually they could be available for every high school in the States for free.

If you take the click, imagine that there were less copy and the design was in the vernacular visual language of an FSI.

President Obama's Speech in Cairo

If anyone is interested, I would be glad to volunteer to manage a proof of concept project at no cost as long as it's ok to do it online so I don't have to disrupt my life or leave the kitchen table. Face time is whatever the traffic will bear.

PBS.MediaShift IdeaLab needs Clickable Print and Printernet Publishing to Spread the Message and Make Some Money.

MediaShift Idea Lab is a group weblog by innovators who are reinventing community news for the Digital Age. Each author won a grant in theKnight News Challenge to help fund a startup idea or to blog on a topic related to reshaping community news. The authors will use Idea Lab to explain their projects, share intelligence and interact with the new-media community online. If you're interested in joining them, and getting a grant from the Knight News Challenge, please visit the News Challenge website. To see biographies of all Idea Lab authors, go to this page.
. . . from the About Page:

PBS is PBS. Community news is one key to unlock the High School education problem. PBS has a very long tail of educational content. One way to monetize it is understand the power of read for free, pay for print.

The link below will take you to an example. If you take the click imagine that you are looking at a printed page that could be produced in quantities of millions, overnight, delivered with a minimal carbon footprint and pulled by paying users from the cloud.

As the library expands, it's a storehouse of just the right information to just the right classroom at just the right time. Printed in the classroom, the CRD or the commercial PSP.

Remember, imagine that you are looking at a 8 1/2 by 11 or 11 x 17 black or white or color page.
The Future of K - 12 Education is Emerging in Uruguay.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mass media = TV, Music, Telephone and Print. Not computers.

@Check Out -
Microsoft Windows 7 Release Date is.....10/22.:
"Win 7 adds new Possibilities for you and your PC
* Easier TV, Movies and Video
* TV, Music, Pictures, and video: when and where you want them"

Gordon Brown needs the Printernet today. And clickable Print as soon as possible.

Here's a sample of what I mean.

Political moments are about time and scale, not price. No one printer can get to the correct scale within the time allowed.

The printernet could deliver 10,000,000 leaflets pretty much in the form of this Clickable Print sometime tomorrow, with a minimal carbon footprint. It would also get lots clicks and impressions into a printing industry that is fighting for it's survival.

The trick is to send bundles to every Labour MP that is fighting for his electoral life.

Based on what I've seen, my bet is that Xerox (UK) is going to get there first. But you never know about the Oce DNN hub in London. Or it could be the Color Company in London. Or the other franchises throughout the UK. Maybe Consolidated has enough presence in the UK. Does InfoPrint have a presence in London?

XRX opens at $7.39 . Go team!

We'll see if it lasts, but i can't see why it wouldn't.
I told you so.

Besides, XRX is still below it's 200 day moving average and has broken the resistance at 6.77

Palm and Ad Age need Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing

More good news for the Printernet!

Clickable Print, Printernet Published is awesome for viral marketing. The internet is for talking and buying.
rom MediaPost
Publications CMOs: Just Say No To Ad Nets, Yes To Viral Marketing 06/02/2009: "Over the next six months, a majority of senior marketing executives -- 53% -- plan to spend less on ad networks, according to the results of an 'Ad Effectiveness Survey' released by Forbes on Monday.

During February and March, 'Respondents were by far the least happy with ad networks, with half saying that the results did not meet expectations,' according to the survey of over 100 senior level executives."

Hey Google: Eureka! Free textbooks and versioned newspapers for K -12 in the States

The trick is ad supported textbooks. The other trick is that the ads are in the service of public health and citizenship.

The third trick is that sometimes they are books, sometimes newspapers, sometimes posters and sometimes a deck of cards. Whatever form they take, they are just the right information, in just the right form at just the right time. + Printernet + CodeZ QR + + Clickable Print

To make the equation work
Bookboon = putting advertising into PDF and delivering in many languages.
Printernet = printing and delivering at arbitrarily mass scales in real time.
CodeZ = producing variable information rich QR codes at scale.
Navify = connecting web content to YouTube videos.
Clickable Print = connecting print to personal TV and the web.

Hints: Big cellphones are tablet computers. Navify could be used by newspapers in their local communities. Print and TV are mass media. The internet is for talking and buying stuff.

The reason this fixes high school education
The deep issue for education is "one-size-fits-all" organization of time and space. Learning only happens with focus. Management only happens with real time interaction metrics. All the rest is blablabla.

C'mon people. My IRA just can't wait!
Can you just imagine the buzz among the "analysts" when they figure out that Print is going to change education. I'm thinking someone might create a Print Portfolio investment fund and when Bloomberg talks about HP it will be for the print part, not the computer part.

The future of education can be found in Uruguay.

Big cell phones are wireless tablet computers.
fromMediaShift Idea Lab .
Making Uruguay's 300,000 Laptops Count - Part I
: "Last week I visited Uruguay myself to witness how teachers and students were incorporating laptops and wi-fi connections (now in over 1,000 schools) into the classroom environment."
olpc uruguay

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is the Printernet? What are variable QR codes?

Clickable Print
Postcards, Posters, Newsletters + information rich variable QR codes + TinyUrls.
Variable QR Codes @ CodeZ QR

Printernet publishing
1 on the desktop
or 30 at the workgroup
or 350 at the CRD
or 1000+ at the In Plant/local commercial PSP
or 50,000,000 at the global network of PSPs.

Postcards, posters, newsletters and books can all be versioned, personalized and delivered overnight with a minimal carbon footprint.

Printernet @Digital Nirvana.

DP: XRX closes at $7.25! Go Big X!

I told you so.

Ingram needs Variable QR Codes. They already have all the rest of it.

Since they run on all Oce equipment, maybe someone should make a call to see if Ingram think it's cool. My bet is that they will. If you need samples to show them, take a quick look at clickable print. Use those or make up better ones.

Maybe it wants to be links to Cosumer Union videos posted at YouTube and on their website. Lots of data to be collected. Puts 'em in a good position for the disruption to business models still to come.
Ingram signs distribution agreement with Consumers Union -
from WhatTheyThink:
"Ingram signs distribution agreement with Consumers Union

Thursday, June 04, 2009

La VERGNE, TN - Ingram Publisher Services Inc. (IPS), a full service book distribution company, today announced a new distribution agreement with Consumers Union, nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports magazine and www.ConsumerReports .org."

Personal televison on cell phones. It may be a sleeper now, but . . .

It's why variable QR codes is Print's next big thing.

MediaPost Publications Dumb Is As Dumb Does 06/04/2009:
"'We're up 300% in the last 12 months,' says Patrick Mork, vice president of marketing at GetJar, an off-deck portal for downloadable applications.

'We do about 1 million downloads a day.'

Sixty percent of the GetJar catalog are Java-based apps like IM and email clients, browsers like Opera and games. 'There is no doubt that iPhone, Ovi and a lot of these initiatives are raising awareness of apps in general,' says Mork. While 30% to 35% of GetJar traffic comes from smart phones, the rest are using a wide range of handsets from around the world."

Thanks, Thomas. is very cool. and might make life a little harder for Flat World. In any case, textbook publishers are toast.

I got the link from a Thomas, a commenter on a previous post. It looks like earns their money by selling ads in textbooks. That should pass the "why wouldn't I do that" test.

Imagine an email to anyone in any K -12 school district that had the subject line:
"I can show you a way to save all the money you are spending on textbooks."
Then put QR code based advertising that are for public health, governance and non profits.
No Commercial Enterprises.

I bet that would be interested in printernet publishing and variable QR codes. It would allow them to deliver books instead of PDFs. Get a small margin on the print versions. Plus if they did variable QR codes, it would be much less intrusive than display ads. Plus it would allow them to deliver just the right QR codes to just the right person at just the right time.

Plus if you get in the designer QR codes that are now appearing in Japan, the advertisements would be a feature, not a bug. Two pages of QR codes at the end of the book is a much more efficient use of paper real estate. If they can fill four or five pages, they could probably give away the print versions and still make money.

Giving away the print pieces, offering the PDF for download for free, offering the ebook version for free (I still have to check if I can get them on my Kindle. I'm hoping I can.)

"Acaba is over there. It's only a matter of going." Laurence of Arabia.
Textbooks - Download free ebooks:
"Bookboon provides online textbooks for students in PDF format. The free ebooks can be downloaded without registration. Our books are legal and written exclusively for Bookboon. They are financed by a few in-book ads."

The leading edge of wireless is in Japan. But, it's only a matter of time.

To figure out what is going to happen next, scan for what is happening now, but someplace else.
NTT Com Offers Free Eye-Fi WLAN
by Wireless Watch Japan: "NTT Communications just announced the launch of their new “HOTSPOT connect” service offering free connectivity to specific Internet services via their HOTSPOT WLAN network in Japan. The first offering - dubbed “HOTSPOT connect x Eye-Fi” - will allow users to upload photos and videos from cameras, camcorders and other portable devices that are equipped with an Eye-Fi SD memory card which has built-in Wi-Fi capability. The HOTSPOT connect platform is openly available to anyone, including non-subscribers to HOTSPOT, normally a paid service."

CPG Marketing: P&G Buys Art of Shaving Retail Stores - OEM becomes a VAR

CPG Marketing: P&G Buys Art of Shaving Retail Stores - @Advertising Age - News: "BATAVIA, Ohio ( -- Undeterred by recession or getting into a retail business with which it has little experience, Procter & Gamble Co. is buying the Art of Shaving, seller of pricey men's shaving products at upscale shopping malls."
Apple opened Apple Stores. Now P&G is getting into the shaving store business. Apple is an OEM. The O is computers, iPods and iPhones. For P&G the O is razor blades. The best business on the planet. It's like the brownie camera business. It's like the toner business.

Retail stores are VARs.

They gather just the right stuff for just the right people at just the right time to make it easy for their users to make an informed choice and have a nice day.

The Full Text of President Obama's Speech + the 4 page clickable print version.

You can get them at Clickable Print.

Imagine if every CRD in every school district in the States, had the files this morning. Then imagine if every class room is connected to an education printernet, to print it out in class when the kids come in. That's a teachable moment, with something worth talking about.

Google and Washington DC needs Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing

Tech Titans' Ties to Washington Grow Closer -- and More Complicated -
"By Cecilia Kang
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, June 4, 2009

In 1993, well before the introduction of tweets, iPhones and online video, a Silicon Valley engineer was invited to Capitol Hill to teach lawmakers about the future of the Web and how to use it. It would be among many visits to Washington for Eric Schmidt, who was Sun Microsystems chief technology officer.

Now chief executive of Internet titan Google, Schmidt and the company's ties to Washington have only grown stronger."

News from Australasia: Chinalco may revise Rio deal before deadline

Chinalco may revise Rio deal before deadline: sources
@ Reuters: "By Sonali Paul
MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Chinese state-owned metals firm Chinalco may revise its planned $19.5 billion investment in miner Rio Tinto (RIO.AX)(RIO.L) before a June 14 deadline to avoid further delays in Australian government approval, two sources close to the deal said on Thursday."

Textbook Publishers: Flat World Knowledge is starting to nibble at your lunch. But great news for the printernet!

I got my email newsletter this morning from Flat World Knowledge. Here's the neat part for the printernet. It's the thing about "provide paperbacks and self print versions." Somebody should be talking to these folks. I bet they never thought of using variable QR codes and clickable Print.

I wonder who's going to get the clicks?

Our books cost $0 online. We provide paperbacks, audio books, and self-print versions for under $30. Our books are open for you to edit for your class. Our new editions are on your terms. We publish them - you decide if and when to use them.

Obama in Cairo: Another opportunity for Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing

Clickable print = information rich variable QR codes.

Printernet publishing means that the message of Peace could be in every school child's hands on Friday morning. You can see how it might work at Clickable Print.

Go CGX ! RRD is too busy trying to buy Quebecor. But once they get this on their radar, there are going to be two people at the table instead of one. Get in touch with Google. (I tried Bing yesterday. It was quite good.) Plus Google has all the videos at YouTube. (You don't have to download Acrobat Flash Player 9 to view them.) Plus Google has been trying to crack the Print Advertising piece. Plus Google is also trying to figure out education and non profit organizations.

Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing should be a no brainer.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The printernet in 2006

There are no new ideas. But being too early has the same consequences as being too late.

During the era, I co founded a start up called We enabled student publishing with what was state of the art technology in 1998. During our two years, we produced 5 x 7 paperback books -"real books" - for more than 2500 English teachers in "classroom packs" of 30 copies each.

Our burned through $1.5 million. Our educational partners were Great Source, a division of Houghton Mifflen and J.L Hammett Co. The crashed wiped us out.

What's different today is variable QR codes. As Mosaic was to the internet, so variable QR codes will be to the printernet. But these days, I'm just a retired printer/ blogger, so what do I know.

I hope Richard Swift is still in the game.


Welcome to the birth of The Printernet - The first day of Ipex 2006
Today it is a baby, just a few key domain names, this one-page website and a development plan.
Come back in a month and it will be growing.
Come back in a year and it will have grown a lot. Worldwide in fact.
The Printernet will enable work ordered in London, for a sales office in Hong Kong, to be printed and delivered by a local network member.

The Printernet will bring new business to Printers round the world.

Please contact Richard Swift in London

+44 208 788 5370

Cell +44 7940 577458

Consolidated Graphics is ready to Printernet Publish, Today!

Maybe Donnelly could do something similar. But I figure they are too busy being busy at the top of the pryamid to notice a little blog like this. AlphaGraphics and Sir Speedy and maybe Fedex of Staples will one day be able to do it someday. But Internet time is today. Everything else is Corporate Time. CGX is ready today. If they can get the Clickable Print part before anyone else, my IRA will be very happy.

Go Indigo! HP, c'mon spin off the Print piece.

At any rate, I got a comment at a previous post from Sally Hiller at CGX.

We love this:"Space and time disappear as a limiting factor on distribution of print product." CGX how has the largest integrated digital print network in the world. With digital hubs and locations around the globe - this company is leading the way.

Sally Hiler
Recruiting Manager
Consolidated Graphics

Then I said,
Yup. It's one of the reasons I recently became a shareholder. Maybe one of your top salespeople or VP of sales wants to get in touch with the Obama administration or Google or It's about information rich QR codes as part of the print product. I'm calling it Clickable Print Printernet Published.

Go, go, go... I'm depending on you to enhance this shareholder's value.

Snowfall Software needs Clickable Print and Printernet Publishing

You can get the contact info by clicking on the link. The point is
Snowfall Press was organized for the purpose of creating a network of distributed print-on-demand facilities to enable local printing of books.
Snowfall Software -Mission:
Snowfall Software provides innovative technology solutions for global markets that revolve primarily around content creation, management and delivery. New technologies are providing new opportunities to operate much more efficiently, while at the same time enabling innovation, creation of new products and opening up completely new markets. Snowfall Software has leveraged these technologies to provide unique, scalable solutions for individuals and organizations."
. . .
Snowfall Press was established by Snowfall Software to meet a need. A need that many said was 'not possible' and 'could not done'. Our software innovations had, in some cases, exposed hardware limitations on the delivery side. Limitations that Snowfall Software decided could be overcome. The application of a unique blend of hardware and software technologies has lead to an evolving global solution -Snowfall Press.

Snowfall Press was organized for the purpose of creating a network of distributed print-on-demand facilities to enable local printing of books. We enable books that were previously inaccessible due to a lack of concentrated demand, to cost effectively enter either small target markets or markets with consumers geographically dispersed.

Akami CEO: the Online Video Tipping Point is Here

You can get the story at Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing.

Eruomerica v Australasia : GM Thriving in China Despite Bankruptcy in U.S.

GM Thriving in China Despite Bankruptcy in U.S. - @AdAgeChina - News: "General Motors, the largest automaker in the U.S., filed a bankruptcy petition in New York on June 1, marking the end of an era. . . .
On the same day half a world away, executives at Shanghai General Motors, a joint venture between GM and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), normally would have been celebrating.

'We had a great May,' said Steve Betz, general director for Shanghai GM's Chevrolet brand in China. 'We sold 56,000 [cars in China last month]. It was the second-best month in our history.'"

HP/Compaq: How do you plan to compete with this?

If only HP would spin off the Print piece ....
Lenovo Digs Deep in China to Find New Customers - @AdAgeChina - News:
"The Beijing-based computer company has partnered with third-party film exhibition crews to select and present feature films in over 3,000 villages and small towns in 31 provinces and regions across China, usually at no charge to the audience.

The film program, which will run from June to December 2009, is part of a government-aided initiative 'to amplify the entertainment and leisure life of [the] rural population,' said Anthony Feng, a company spokesman in Beijing. Lenovo's sponsorship is less about altruism, however, than a desire 'to get closer to rural customers, passing messages about the Lenovo brand and its products.'"

Harper Collins and Open Text need Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing

Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing?

You can get the contact info by following the clicks:

Revolutionize Content Distribution with Dynamic Delivery: "Learn how HarperCollins embraced Web Content Management to deliver up-to-the minute, targeted, and personalized digital catalogs to booksellers – all on-demand!

On June 11th, meet the team behind the successful development of the first dynamic catalog assembly tool offered by a major publisher - one that leverages over 15,000 titles and digital assets to provide interactive and personalized catalogs to their business customers."

Clickable Print is the bridge to Personal Video

Nico Nico Adds Live Mobile Video
by Wireless Watch Japan:
"The folks at Niwango have announced a beta trial for users to setup a live broadcast channel from and for their mobile handsets. According to the announcement [.PDF in Japanese] they will enable up to 500 concurrent viewers starting June 1st, with plans to scale up to support a total of 3,000 viewers per stream in July. They have positioned this as an experimantal service and for the initial launch it will only be available to premium members who also subscribe via i-mode.

If you don’t know what NicoNico Douga (Smile Video) is, they presented to Mobile Monday Tokyo in July 2008 - details Here."The folks at Niwango have announced a beta trial for users to setup a live broadcast channel from and for their mobile handsets. According to the announcement [.PDF in Japanese] they will enable up to 500 concurrent viewers starting June 1st, with plans to scale up to support a total of 3,000 viewers per stream in July. They have positioned this as an experimantal service and for the initial launch it will only be available to premium members who also subscribe via i-mode. If you don’t know what NicoNico Douga (Smile Video) is, they presented to Mobile Monday Tokyo in July 2008 - details Here.

MPS: Just in from the opportunity for independent MPS

Recently, Xippa has seen an unprecedented move by the “Big Boys” to scale back their commitment to put teeth in their copier and printer maintenance contracts. No mention of uptime or response time guarantees can only be viewed as “if they don’t ask, don’t mention it” i.e. Buyer Beware. The dealer community, who make their own decisions, are going the other way. “Love it or Leave it” Programs are flourishing. Stay on the side of the customer and the dealers will prevail against the “Big Boys”.

Another big opportunity for clickable print and printernet publishing

Get in touch with the agency that is doing the Microsoft Bing campaign. Show them this.

Euromerica v Australasia

China Firm to Buy Hummer -
"An obscure Chinese construction-equipment maker plans to buy Hummer -- a brawny symbol of America across the globe -- from General Motors Corp. in a deal that presages the future shape of the international auto industry.

The prospective buyer, Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., was announced a day after GM filed for bankruptcy protection in the U.S., and almost a year after the company put Hummer on the block."

Mega Opportunity for Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing !!

If anyone can get to Robert Gibbs, I think this sells itself. The subject line is "Check this out."
1. Get in touch with Microsoft/Google. The battle for the OS of the mobile web has now begun.
2. Get in touch with Verizon/T Mobile. The battle for the "wires" is ferocious.
3. Get in touch with Nokia/Samsung/LG and everyone who makes cell phones.
4. Get in touch with laptop division of HP. They have some huge challenges.

Barack Obama needs clickable print + printernet publishing

This morning Newt Gingrich, at HUMAN EVENTS, said,
Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor: You Read, You Decide
by Newt Gingrich 06/03/2009

Shortly after President Obama nominated her to a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, I read Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s now famous words:

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life.”

My initial reaction was strong and direct -- perhaps too strong and too direct. The sentiment struck me as racist and I said so. Since then, some who want to have an open and honest consideration of Judge Sotomayor’s fitness to serve on the nation’s highest court have been critical of my word choice."

Click on the QR code to read or watch

Watch the video on your cell phone or computer.

Gordon Brown needs Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing

Government still working - Harman:
Ms Harman says Gordon Brown will lead Labour into the next election Harriet Harman has attempted to dismiss speculation about Gordon Brown's future as the government faced accusations it is in its 'death throes'.

Labour's deputy leader insisted the prime minister had a plan to lead the country and said that cabinet government was functioning normally. She told Today: 'I don't accept that he can't keep a grip on government.'"

Click on the picture to see what I\

I would send this link to someone in the Labor Party. The subject line of the email says: "Here's a new media that can get your story to everyone." The body of the email says, "Feel free to schedule meeting to discuss how this can work for Labour. I suggest your PR people, Press Secretary and advertising agency is at the meeting."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

GM Reinvention: Clickable print, printernet published

Clickable Print One Pagers are faster, better and cheaper than K-12 Textbooks.

Someone should probably call the brilliant creatives at Deutsch. Or just email them the link.

Read the words.
"Let's be completely honest: No company wants to go through this. "But we're not witnessing the end of the American car; we're witnessing the rebirth of the American car. General Motors needs to start over in order to get stronger. There was a time when eight different brands made sense. Not anymore. There was a time when our cost structure could compete worldwide. Not anymore. Reinvention is the only way we can fix this, and fix it we will."
Click on the QR codes. This one goes to GM's reinvention website.

Watch the video on your cellphone.

Google v Amazon v Walmart. Who will be first to do Printernet published clickable books and newspapers?

Clickable Print?
How Clickable Print One Pagers will replace K-12 Textbooks.

Move Over, Amazon? Google Aims to Sell e-Books - @BusinessWeek:
. . . the coming months, Google (GOOG) plans to begin selling online access to electronic versions of books. The titles will be available for viewing on any Web-enabled device, be it a cell phone or a laptop. 'By end of this year we hope to give publisher partners an additional way to sell their books,' Google said in a statement on June 1.

Details, including revenue-sharing arrangements with publishers, are still being worked out, one major publisher told on condition of anonymity. Google also expects to form partnerships with other online retailers, such as local bookstores, so those sellers could provide instant online access to books.

The plan to sell e-books is the latest indication of Google's attempt to expand beyond online advertising and gain a toehold in e-commerce, where (AMZN), eBay (EBAY), and (WMT) hold sway. "Google's core growth rate is slowing, and it's starting to look for the next big growth driver," says Laura Martin, an analyst at Soleil Securities Group.

Click on the picture to see what I\
at Google or Amazon, here's what I would do.

1. Stop ignoring the Print piece. Print is the search platform in real life. Print brings new users to the web in local communities.

2. Get in touch with Ricoh Infoprint, Oce, HP or Xerox USA. They have the infrastructure in place to enable versioned printernet publishing. Printernet publishing = 50,000,000 clickable print pieces that produce analytics delivered overnight with a minimal carbon footprint.

3. Get in touch with COPI. They have the tech for information rich QR codes at scale.

Joe Barber, Chief QR Officer at the CodeZQR division of Computer Output Print & Internet (COPI) writes that the Canadian government has deployed a very ingenious application of QR Codes in their online Adult Passport Application. As you enter information in each field on the form the QR code is automatically modified to include each new piece of information.

4. Clickable print = variable QR codes in versioned print documents. Cell phones connect Print to Video.

5. The kindle is today's perfectly designed electronic reading device. The cell phone is becoming a perfectly designed personal video viewing device. The challenge is that Android will probably be the OS for tablets. Tablets are just big cell phones. Pocket sized tablets with a Verizon connection and epaper screens are the competition for the Kindle. Meanwhile, Plastic Logic will launch Q1 2010 and they've already "partners" with Ingram Digital and the Financial Times.

But you can't get a video on epaper. So a better, faster, cheaper solution is clickable print.

6. Re Youtube, sell the deep analytics possible from information rich QR code access. Google Analtyics is nice, but most people don't know how to analyze the data. And most businesses don't make data driven decisions.

7. Fix High School education. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Plus high school is the only place that people are forced to read. It's the sweet spot for clickable Print. Newspapers in versioned clickable print versions in support of standards based high school education are the natural to pick the low hanging fruit of K -12 textbooks.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Clickable Leaflets for Governance. The GM Bankrupcty. This one really needs the printernet.

Printernet = 50,000,000 leaflets printed and delivered overnight with a minimal carbon footprint.

Step One : The words
A Primer on the G.M. Bankruptcy

Published: June 1, 2009

General Motors followed Chrysler into bankruptcy on Monday in a case that will be one of the largest and most complex in history. It hopes to follow the same path Chrysler has taken through court, but there will be some differences between the two cases. Here is a quick look at some basics of the G.M. bankruptcy. . . .
more at the New York Times

Step two the QR codes

Step Three watch President Obama on your cell phone

Part 1:

PArt 2:

Clickable Leaflets for Politicians: Imagine if there were a printernet

The headline is Vote for George Alexander for MP

Step one:

the words Printed on the leaflet

MP expenses: Darling faces pressure

Chancellor Alistair Darling is facing renewed pressure over his expenses after it was reported that he claimed second home allowances on two properties at the same time. Mr Darling had earlier been urged to quit by Liberal Democrats who said he had been "caught with his fingers in the till".

Leaked records showed that in July 2007, 10 days after becoming Chancellor, he submitted a £1,004 claim for the service charge on his south London flat, the Daily Telegraph reported.
It said the charge covered the period up to the end of that year by which time he was also claiming second home allowances on his grace-and-favour Downing Street apartment. from Google News the Press Association

Step two
variable QR codes Printed on the leaflet: to go to the full story or to the video or the other video or James Alexander's blog.

Step Three
Watch the video on your cell phone or netbook

or this video

You Tube says this is:
"One of the three DA songs that was specially produced for the DA and part of a campaign where CD's are handed out to taxi drivers."

Homework assignment

In 500 words or less what politician running for office would not want to buy this? Especially given that he would learn how many people from which block went to the video. For extra credit, how many digitally printed clickable leaflets = the cost of handing out CDs? Which is easier to listen to a CD or a cell phone?

This is Clickable Print: Advertisement for Ricoh Innovation Labs

Imagine you are looking Clickable Print instead of a textbook in K-12.
The subject at hand is the Ricoh Innovation Lab.
The teacher comes into class and hands you one piece of paper.

Step one - the words on paper:
from iCandy - Nerd Stalker #35:
"iCandy (beta) is a free application that makes it easy to access and share your digital world offline. Through the power of QR codes, iCandy connects iTunes or websites to printed iCandy links that you can share in person. Use a webcam to scan your iCandy link and your computer launches the song or website instantly.

iCandy helps you:

* Put digital music and the web in your hands for in-person sharing (parties, family get-togethers, conferences)
* Skip the hassle of typing in a website—just scan in the iCandy link and you’re there
* Simply navigate your iTunes library—great for little kids!
* Connect with friends and customers through a memorable, easy-to-use medium—ever accessed a website by scanning a coffee cup before?
* Make it easier for clients to access your company website—just scan in the iCandy link on your business card
* And lots, lots more!"
Step two - point your camera at the QR code that would be here.

Step three - Watch this video on your cellphone.

The homework assignment:

In a 500 word essay or 60 second video, please explain why wouldn't everyone do this.

Oops! Clickable Print could save this account! "Big 10 Makes Big Printing Cuts"

$700,000 of printing was eliminated at a meeting. see snippet

If those were my accounts, I would try to get them to use clickable print. A one page 14 by 20 poster with the schedules. A QR code for each team. One click and the almunus gets an awesome video of the highlights of last week's game.

Step one: schedule of games
Step two: QR code
Step three: Watch the video on your cell phone:

Week after week. The schedule sits quietly on the refrigerator. The alumni watches the highlights on his cell phone while he is getting the sandwich and going back to the living room to watch more TV.

Plus the University gets the data about which alumni looked when. It gives them process metrics on that alumni. Which teams he follows. So that when appropriate, he can get just the right follow up mailing and special offering can get into his mail box.

Big 10 Makes Big Printing Cuts -
@Graphic Arts Online: "Three Big 10 universities are halting the printing of athletic team media guides to cut costs. Ohio State, University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin said they will pursue alternative communications channels, such as social networking.

At last month’s Big Ten meetings in Chicago, schools in the conference voted unanimously to get rid of the printed guides. The combined estimated savings to all three schools is about $700,000; the number of guides at each school depends on the number sports teams."

Oops! Here's the Chinese entry into the inkjet web business.

I'm sure it's only news to me. But then I'm firmly situated in the the Brooklyn region of Euromerica. Anybody want to guess when this gets to Eastern Europe, the Middle East or South America?

It's just one more reason that Oce, HP and Screen better move more quickly, rather than more slowly. My bet is that Founder Electronics doesn't work in corporate time.
Founder Electronics launches Xaar 1001-enabled printer - from WhatTheyThink: Friday, May 29, 2009

Founder Electronics, China has launched the EagleJet C4200 digital printer, a single-pass narrow web inkjet system featuring Xaar 1001 greyscale printheads.

A full-colour UV printer, the EagleJet C4200 has been developed for on-demand commercial print markets in China. Production flexibility enables duplex mono and two-colour printing simultaneously, and duplex four-colour printing with a tandem configuration. The precision imaging capability of the industrial-strength Xaar 1001 printhead produces amazing print results (1080dpi apparent resolution) across the 420mm paper web width at speeds of 25 metres per minute."

DP; This time from Ireland: DPLenticular presents latest in 3D printing. Very cool.

@DPLenticular presents latest in 3D printing
- Printing Industry News from WhatTheyThink
"As well as exhibiting its comprehensive range of LenstarTM recyclable polymer plastic sheets and rolls at Dimension 3, DPLenticular will take the opportunity to present its innovative 3D lenticular effect, which does not require the use of traditional 3D glasses."

Globals: The American Government moves away from corporate time to real time

It would probably make sense for you to do the same.
Wall Street Breakfast: Must-Know News -- Seeking Alpha: "A bankruptcy judge approved Chrysler . . . could exit bankruptcy reorganization as soon as today, after barely a month in Chapter 11 protection."

Sneak preview: Next column is about replacing textbooks with clickable print one pagers

I'll link to PBS.Mediashift when it goes live. But it's about COPI, variable information rich QR codes at enterprise scales. I didn't include the printernet part as most of the readers over there are newspaper people and journalists.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's not Interactive Print. It's Clickable Print. It's not VDP. It's VQRP. It's not Guttenberg. It's Korea.

Codez QR Home |
. CodeZ QR’s support of variable data publishing engines allows publishers to encode a subscriber’s demographic data in each ad for ever more informative analytics reports."
Imagine a printed document sitting quietly on the side of the desk.
The title is the History of Print.
Then you click on the QR code.
Then you watch this video on your cell phone.

Android/T-Mobile + CodeZ QR + YouTube + the printernet = teachable moments and reinvented K-12 textbooks.

The link:
Google’s Android mobile operating system could be running on 18 devices by the end of the year, Google also expects 20 new handsets to be on sale as well, according to Andy Rubin, Google’s senior director for mobile platforms.

Google is involved in discussions with “eight or nine” manufacturers, working on Android-equipped phones, for the effective roll out of the devices in the coming months. At present, the only two Android phone manufacturers on the market are the G1 in the US, and the HTC Magic in Europe.

from Codez QR Home
"CodeZ QR generates QR codes from simple desktop word processors all the way up to the publisher’s data center document composition engines for printing on every printer in the enterprise. CodeZ QR’s support of variable data publishing engines allows publishers to encode a subscriber’s demographic data in each ad for ever more informative analytics reports."
The Next Textbook
A Print artifact with words + diagrams + CodeZ QR from COPI.

The Unit is World War II in the Pacific
The words and map in Print come from wikipedia:

The Pacific War was the part of World War II—and preceding conflicts—that took place in the Pacific Ocean, its islands, and in East Asia, between July 7, 1937 and August 14, 1945, with the Allied powers against the Empire of Japan, the latter aided by lesser extent by its Axis allies Germany and Italy. The most decisive actions took place after the Empire of Japan attacked various countries, most notably the Bombing of Pearl Harbor in the United States Territory of Hawaii, who together came to be known as the Allies (or Allied powers). The Pacific War culminated in the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States, resulting in VJ Day and the end of World War II on August 15, 1945. The unconditional Surrender of Japan occurred aboard the USS Missouri

The kid points to the page, clicks and watches this video on her mobile.