Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to 2010. "two HP Indigo 7000 replace less-efficient analog offset systems

This came over the transom this morning.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 7, 2010 – HP today announced that Capitol City Press, Tumwater, Wash., has installed two HP Indigo 7000 digital presses with HP SmartStream workflow solutions, replacing less-efficient analog offset systems.
It shouldn't be a surprise that it happened just outside of Seattle. The future often happens first in the American Northwest. What caught my attention is
The new HP Indigo 7000s now print the 750,000 four-color sheets per month that Capitol City previously ran on three older, small offset presses.
For Capitol City it sounds like the decision was based on better, faster, cheaper to meet their present customer's needs. This was not about "reinventing themselves" to become "market service providers."

It was about doing what they already know how to do. Just doing it better and more efficiently.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Holistic Quantum Reality? I must be kidding Actually, I'm not.

The point is to have humility in the face of complexity. What name you give it is up to you.

Since the outlines for the next stage of print are now pretty clear (Mobile computing takes the web into the real world. Print lives in the real world. As Print connects to the web, it's all good.) And since the market is calming done (McClatchey went from around .80 to over 4.00 last time I looked.)

It leaves a little space to get into really interesting questions. The following is a copy and paste from

In my humble opinion, it's exactly on the right track. Yes, it may sounds nuts to "serious people who have to make a living and have important meetings to go to."

But have you ever had a chance to do a little read of Quantum Theory? If you want nuts, that's nuts. Only thing is that it's true.

Copy and Paste follows:

What is Holistic Quantum Relativity?

Since many have asked for a simple explanation of HQR, this is an
attempt at providing it, with heartfelt apologies for all errors and

The Absolute is indefinable, nameless, formless, wordless, soundless,
although when it comes into expression it is known by different Names!

Let us take a table. What is it essentially made of? Wood on the
surface and underlying that... what? Energy! Why? Let us examine the
wood under a powerful electron microscope. What is it made of? Carbon
and hydrogen atoms amongst other types connected to each other with
what? Energy bonds and vast open spaces... What are the carbon atoms
made of? A nucleus and polarised charge clouds with electrons etc
and... what? Energy packets and vast open spaces... What is the
nucleus made of? Sub-atomic particles and... what? Quantised energy
and vast open spaces!

Beyond the 1920s we referred to the nucleus as a collection of protons
and neutrons enveloped by an electron charge cloud and step by step we
have put so many designer labels on the sub-parts -- sub-nuclear
particles -- that at last count there were at least 100+ different
names for such energy particles and growing!

Now, as we go deeper... and observe: the sub-atomic particles -- all
flavours -- are just forms of packet (Quantum) energy connected with
each other as Happenings, ie, "Haps" manifest as pulsating particles
or waves depending on how we look at them or don't! [Heisenberg ist

The "Haps" are the sequence in which the entire universe connects to
create a grand holographic story, yes, the illusion of duality, which
when looked at holistically is all just One space-time continuum of
energy, which can be expressed as a grand manifestation of light or
cosmic vibration simultaneously appearing and disappearing as matter,
based on the illusory lens of observation set at simultaneous multiple
planes of consciousness! No wonder, at first glance, it makes no
sense. It confuses, disturbs and we end up being doubtful! No need to
be doubtful of inherent volatilities or ripples in the pond, which is
just a metaphor for the "Grand Narrative"!

What is HQR suggesting in a nutshell?

We ignore micro- and macro- layers, connections and connectivity at
our peril because this is the interwoven fabric of the entire
universe! As we evolve, the more we are able to connect with our
within. Beyond people, events, places, stories, facts, fiction,
things etc we re-create nascent haps in our mind-spirit matrix as
suliminal and then neural networks. Step by step, everything appears
connected within a "Grand Narrative." All becomes Holistic when we
align the without with our within. The past, present and future merge
into one when the immanent spirit triumphs over logic and the creative
spark overtakes the mundane banality of our tedium-inspired illusory

Holos is not just "Whole", it is essentially about recognising
perfection: Why? The so called good, bad and ugly do not exist but
only do so in the duality of our mind's perception. Holistically, all
is there for a perfectly valid reason or completely not there for a
perfectly valid reason manifest as Synchronicity! Perfectly timed,
perfectly placed, perfectly connected!

If we were to revisit the original 30+ HQR Socratic dialogues what we
would find is that even these humble thoughts have been expressed
within them. Everything is connected with everything else and that is
the "Grand Narrative" of our existence. Once we are able to recognise
the Quantum nature of Energy, the Relativity of our existence
suspended in an illusory -- disconnected -- duality of the mind (an
entrapment) and that our true essence, the spirit, is Holistic and no
different from the Cosmic Origin of the entire universe and beyond --
The Supra Universal Consciousness -- we are then able to recognise
that Holistic Quantum Relativity = Spirit Mind Connectivity.

Within the dynamic HQR of our trinitised existence: The Father is the
Supra Universal Consiousness (Divine and Primordial Awareness at all
Eight planes); The Son is the Universal Consciousness (Director of
Mental Awareness at Three lower planes); and The Spirit is the
Consciousness (Individual Spirit or Soul's Awareness entrapped at a
restricted number of lower planes) made Holy via the "Word" or

The teachings of Sant Mat "Way of the Saints" suggest that creation
occurs through primordial "Vibration", a vibratory principle, known in
various languages as "Naam", "Shabda", "Kalma", "Logos", and "Word",
and that individual salvation and enlightenment is achieved when the
human soul is put into contact with it through the agency of a Great
Spiritual Master who has that principle fully manifest within ("Word
made flesh"). Sant Mat masters state the Holy Spirit also mentioned in
several Holy books, refers to this principle, citing many passages
referring to "baptism in the Holy Spirit", revelations received while
"in the Spirit", and Great Spiritual Masters and Philosopher
Scientists -- Socrates, Pythagoras, Buddha, Lao Tse Tsu, Jesus,
Maulana Rumi, Kabir and Kirpal et al -- curing with the Spirit as
indications that they were conferring initiation into the esoteric
practice of the "Word" - Surat Shabda Yoga - Soul Vibration Union
during their lifetimes.

The moment the Spirit recognises that it is none other than a part of
the Supra Universal Consciousness and acts as such, the duality
imposed by the mental faculties is removed step by step. There is a
rich narrative of connectivity going all the way back to creation put
together Holistically with perfection, Quantised by Time and Energy,
and then re-presented as Relativity as a Space-Time Continnum
connected across multiple planes, which we cannot externally visualise
as ONE, but only in our within and then alone via our "Rising
Consciousness" that:

"Yes! We are indeed all One-in-All and All-in-One!"