Saturday, September 12, 2009

This morning at TwitterSchool I made AWTtv and AWTprint

The experience at twitter is very similar for me as walking through a college campus back in the 60's. Informal learning through the chance meeting. Hopefully the tweets below will clarify what happened this morning.

1. #AWF-TV = AnyWhereTIme video. ADF= automatic document factory. #QR = open source 2d code. PSP = Printer. #Print09

OOPS! #AWT-TV = AnyWhereTIme video. ADF= automatic document factory. #QR = open source 2d code. PSP = Printer. #Print09

#AWT-Print = Printernet = ADF x 70 or 700 or 7000

Please ignore, this is only a test: #AWTtv or #AWT(tv) or #awtTV {#AWT-TV doesn't work.}. I'm liking #AWT(tv) and #AWT(print)

#AWTtv = AnyWhereTIme Video. #AWTprint = printernet = massive parallel manufacturing & delivery of print product w/minimal carbon ftprnt.

Which evolved into
Q: Can #AWTtv + #AWTprint + #AWTcontent (that doesn't suck) reinvent #education and #revolutionizescience? A: Yes.
And then I wandered off into the Lion's Den. Oops! What I meant to say is the TwitterQuad.

It's hard to keep things straight when you're a retired boomer like me. :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Yesterday at TwitterSchool I learned that Kodak is way cool and quite clever.

About 3 weeks after starting Tough Love, I got on my little soapbox about YouTube channels. Since then I've been singing the same song.

To be clear my focus is on fixing High School education at the bottom of the pyramid. The functionality of YouTube channels for learning can be repurposed to fit specific circumstances at very low costs.

As I wandered around Twitter yesterday, I followed some links to find KodakTube. I have to say, in my humble opinion, they've got it just right. You can follow the links at the tweets below to see if you agree.
In 4:05 mins at KodakTube, Noel Ward+Nick Benkovich showed me Prinergery. Prinergy=secret sauce. Full Disc: Long EK
Awesome(2me) vid at Kodaktube. "It's time to smile." {Focus on smile+smart not ROI. ROI will come naturally. #Print09
Full disclosure: Long on Kodak.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

800 lb gorillas playing nicely: HP+ Donnelly

We could all get from here to there if everyone would learn to play nicely. Given the stresses of a quickly differentiating and reorganizing Print space, maybe they will. At any rate given that the two leading players in the evolving printernet are Consolidated and Donnelly, it's interesting to see HP involved with both.

C'mon, HP. Spin off the print piece so my IRA could get into the action. I'm just not seeing how the computer piece is ever going to get to reasonable margins.

From a press release:
RR Donnelley and HP Plan to Create an Alliance to Develop Next-Generation Digital Printing Technology

CHICAGO, Sept. 10, 2009 –

RR Donnelley's Research and Development Center is expected to collaborate with the Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions unit of HP to develop new digital printing technologies. Products are planned to be sold under the HP brand.

The two companies, which are working to put formal agreements in place, initially plan to focus on the development of a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) printing solution.

MICR printing enables high-speed and secure reading of checks by financial institutions. This solution would be based on HP's inkjet printing technology and developed by RR Donnelley for transactional, transpromotional and direct mail applications.

The companies anticipate that the solution will be offered as an optional component of the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press and be used for RR Donnelley's internal needs as well as offered by HP.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sorry for the slowdown at ToughLove. I've gotten entangled at TwitterSchool

It turns out that the easiest way to keep track of stuff that's happening now, and therefore gathering I(4M) {interesting to me} data points is with twitter.

Much less typing. Mostly it's copy and save. A quick stop and TInyurl or and it's done. I'll try to get a wrap up some time later tonight.

If you're interested on what gets on my radar. Follow @ToughLoveforX. Or just keep an eye on the sidebar.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We we did at TwitterSchool today: Got one step closer to clickable newspapers to replace high school science textbooks

For the version with live links follow the links from #revolutionizescience at Twitter.

It started yesterday with this from me in response to them:
RT @weknowmore free access for all scientific knowledge a good idea? [Yes, but it needs a new biz model for SCIENCE.]
then they said:
@ToughLoveforX Good point! The current business model of science (publishers charging $40 an article) is really, really old-fashioned (1}

@ToughLoveforX The peer-reviewing can be done by the community and publication through the university websites for instance. (2)

@ToughLoveforX Publically funded institutions pay their researchers regardless of the amount or dare I say quality of their publications (3)
then I said:
@weknowmore I think we agree. The problem is a biz model, not outside support. Maybe Read4Free, Pay4Print and personal appearances?

@weknowmore Re:Biz4Science. Books to make science accessible? Science clickable #newspapers instead of "science" textbooks. lots of $$$?
then they said:
@ToughLoveforX Great idea! We are your men and one woman if you would like to investigate this idea further. #revolutionizescience

then I said:
@weknowmore Way cool! Try to get in touch with the Oce people. They are just about there in Berlin. the #clickable part to come.
then I tweeted:
#Print09, #HP, #Xerox #Oce #InfoPrint: New addressable sustainable market for digital print starts at #revolutionizescience via @weknowmore

I can't wait to see what we going to do in TwitterSchool tomorrow!

What I learned in TwitterSchool over the weekend. We're a lot closer to clickable print for learning than I previously believed.

My approach to twitter is to use if for research. This exchange should illustrate what I mean.

thx to @barbsaka [The scenarios here are based on the tweets and reflective accounts of the] student [participants.]


@ToughLoveforX Were you part of the research? Fascinating use of Twitter.

@barbsaka , No, I wasn't. But I have been experimenting with using tweets to do my own research re: the uses of Print in education.

barbsaka@ToughLoveforX very cool. Hope you'll share your results, too!

@barbasaka It's my twitterstream. The method: Look for interesting-to-me. then use [post the kernel]. Go back when ready to blog. (publish)

In between casting about for "interesting-to-me"
I keep testing the waters and getting feedback on just the right way to present the idea of clickable print in learning. I'll share whatever I've found out, as soon as I think I've found out anything.
So far, I'm into the fourth revision of the presentation, so I'm pretty sure I'll get it right sooner or later. says I've gotten 57 hits as of this morning at

These are the tweets I sent out into the twitterstreams:
What if students in HS #education could click on print + #QR & UCTV starts playing on their cellphone? The tech is in place.

What if teachers in HS #education PD could click on print+#QR & UCTV starts playing AnyWhereTime? The tech is in place.

What if teachers in HS #education PD could click on print+#QR & UCTV starts playing AnyWhereTime? The tech is in place.

Late yesterday, a colleague gave me a point to that resulted in last night's post about the Oce installation coming on line in Berlin. From a business/production point of view all the pieces are in now place to make a serious run at textbooks using clickable newspapers. The story is in the previous post.

If you're interested in the #education focused part of the research, just check out my twitterstream. The handle is ToughLoveforX.

Monday, September 7, 2009

While everyone is at Print 09, the real action may be in Berlin. Go Oce!

We're almost there. A 24 page newspaper with the copy chosen the night before for delivery the next day. see snippet below.

Consider the Education Application:
The teacher chooses the content for the next couple of days from the web. An Oce PSP delivers the papers to the class the next morning. Instead of a being personalized to one, it's versioned to a class of thirty or a grade of a couple of hundred.

Put in QR and human readable TinyUrls and why would anyone ever want to buy a K -12 textbook.

Versioned clickable newspapers to replace textbooks in K -12.

Go Print!
Go Printernet!

Digital newspapers:
Reverse osmosis on GXpress:
"Oce’s Robert Koeckeis says the company is also equipment supplier for a start-up in Berlin called ‘’ to produce customised newspapers overnight. The idea is that you can log into the website up to 2 pm the day before, to select pages – from the six or seven sections in each of about 30 newspaper titles – you want to be in your morning paper tomorrow. The 24-page product will also automatically include content from your social networking sites.

“Everything is linked to the internet,” he says, “with the first and last pages personalised from the internet.”

First editions . . . will reach 5000 readers, many of whom are students who will participate in market research as a focus group. Copies come off a 150metres/minute Jetstream 2200, and will be delivered through a system owned by German publishers. Individual publishers receive royalties for the pages used, while ‘’ gets the advertising revenue and cover price proceeds.

Again it’s only a pilot project and there’s an expectation that if the launch is a success, the concept will be sold."