Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to 2010. "two HP Indigo 7000 replace less-efficient analog offset systems

This came over the transom this morning.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 7, 2010 – HP today announced that Capitol City Press, Tumwater, Wash., has installed two HP Indigo 7000 digital presses with HP SmartStream workflow solutions, replacing less-efficient analog offset systems.
It shouldn't be a surprise that it happened just outside of Seattle. The future often happens first in the American Northwest. What caught my attention is
The new HP Indigo 7000s now print the 750,000 four-color sheets per month that Capitol City previously ran on three older, small offset presses.
For Capitol City it sounds like the decision was based on better, faster, cheaper to meet their present customer's needs. This was not about "reinventing themselves" to become "market service providers."

It was about doing what they already know how to do. Just doing it better and more efficiently.


  1. If you don't optimise the way you print, and cannibalise your own accounts, somebody else will.
    I think we can expect a lot of offset replacement with inkjets.

  2. Good point. I don't see why you have to cannibilize your own accounts. It sounds to me like the folks in Capitol City bought the equipment to serve their present accounts more efficiently.

    What do yo think I'm missing.

  3. Good Post, Hp seems to be quick improving with printing technologies, however, I have been in the business many years and still say my client, Sharp, has the best Multifunction Copiers and printers around.

  4. Todd,
    Thanks for weighing in. My dna is offset and digital print. Only recently have I started to learn ab out MFPs or MFDs and MPS.

    Sharp is just getting on my radar. The way I see it is that HP is probably going to be number one player in offset to digital transform for commercial print.

    Any thoughts about what Canon + Oce might mean? I'm seeing Canon with the MFP piece integrating with OCE on books, newspapers and transactional to be a major force going forward.

    If you have anything you share on what you are seeing with the Sharp piece, please let me know. Either here, or at a blog, or on twitter. To get in touch at Twitter it's @toughloveforx.