Friday, February 19, 2010

Com Color v Color Qube. I'm thinking Com Color for Education

No real information about the Color Cube has gotten on my radar. Not sure what that means, but ComColor does keep popping up.

I pay attention when I see a tweet from @artpost
Riso ComColor Review
Which got me to Art's print4pay Hotel's "MFP Solutions Blog." I decided not to put in any snippets, as it's a short post and a very good read.

Instead I would like to share my tweets, which I hope will allow you to see what I'm seeing.
"To me the ComColor's mantra should be "Print Shop in Box", ( @Artpost ) Congrats to @RisoPrinter

"a 32 page booklet (saddle stitched) in about 30 seconds" ( @Artpost ) 30 kids x 30 secs = 15 minutes for textbooklets.

32 full color booklets x $.035 per page = $ 1.12 for a 1 to 1 textbooklet for at risk middle schoolers from @RisoPrinter


  1. Thanx for the RT's and the coverage! I've seen bad press from Qube users over recent months. Xerox may place more Qubes than HP placed Edglelines, however end result is the Qube may go the way of the Edgeline also!

    The future is ink, and not wax, nor toner. Can you imagine what would happen if ComColor released 40,50,60 & 70ppm devices that were priced maybe 20-25% above laser units? Xerox, Ricoh, Canon and KonicaMinolta would be shakin in thier boots!

  2. Art,
    Thanks for weighing in. I'm seeing the same thing from 30,000 feet. What I think I see is that each device and method will get a niche. I'm not sure where the break points are, but clearly Xerox gets it with the announcement of an ink jet product at IPEX in the UK in about 10 weeks from now.

    From what I can figure it's the FUJI box with a Xerox label. All good.

    But what I still don't quite get is that RISO doesn't have the buzz it should have. I can't see why every school district in the States doesn't have a RISO box in the office.

    As far as i understand they do the edu enterprise sales, but I bet if Independents went after the charter schools and other lower hanging fruit in education with RISO boxes plus some kind of education offering, it should turn into a land grab.

    Lots of possible ed offerings combining the box plus the web. Just @ me on twitter if you want to talk more about it.

  3. Great article posting Xerox may place more Qubes than HP placed Edglelines. Thanks for all