Thursday, January 15, 2009

This sounds very cool: Xerox debuts purchasing service - 1/15/2009 AM - Purchasing

read at Purchasing
"Xerox Corp. is launching a new service for those looking to source components from suppliers in other regions of the world but who may not have the resources to do so on their own.

Xerox Procurement Solutions provides a range of services that assist purchasing professionals with sourcing direct or indirect goods and services. These services range from consulting to Xerox’s procurement operation actually sourcing parts and components for the client. Fees vary depending on services rendered."
So if we price it just right, this could turn out to be a big thing. Can Igen manufacturers use the service to order toner and paper and other stuff from our team?

Further in the article was this:
The company already had been doing some print procurement for some of its customers.
So . . .given that Distribute and Print is clearly the emerging model, what's the real story behind this. Ya gotta believe that if Xerox became a standards based process defined portal for global deliver and print that would work. Maybe the value of Premier Partners could be leveraged to give your manufacturers what they really need. More work.

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