Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where print fits in Education. It's not about learning. It's about attendance and transpromo.

An important problem facing the world is the risk of adolescent men with little hope and education. In the States it manifests as high school drop outs and incarceration. In other parts of the world it manifests as instability and sometimes terrorism.

A sustainable approach is to intervene early enough to make a difference.
@ToughloveforX Signs of #HS dropouts "failing semester course as freshmen, chronic absenteeism, one suspension in four years." Denver http://ilnk.me/262
For all the blabla the internet is a communication pipe, not a medium. Video and Print are the two mass medium. With the addition of Transpromo and transinfo, exchange data can come from print. That exchange data can deliver the actionable information needed for real time interventions.

The problem of education as an enterprise is a classic signal v noise problem.

Freshman who fail or are chronically absent or are suspended are missed in a time starved, information dysfunctional environment.

Appropriately designed and delivered interactive print can help solve the "early intervention problem."

A click of the cell phone can send an SMS to mom's cell phone to let her know that junior is not doing his homework on the day he doesn't do it. A simple homework compliance chart handed out to the class and requiring mom's signature will harness the Hawthorne effect to solve 80% of the homework compliance problem.

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