Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"I expected the Color Cube to have a bigger impact than it is currently having." Oops!

That comment came from Xerox 8400 ink in response to May 9th post when Color Qube was announced. At the time, I was concerned about execution, execution, execution. now that Big X has added the ACS piece the chances for distraction are worse than ever.

On the other hand, Ursula Burns has real world and engineering dna. My hope is that if anyone can get the attention of the mother ship, she could be just the right person to do it.

But it ain't going to be easy.

Xerox 8400 ink:
"I expected the Color Cube to have a bigger impact than it is currently having. I think the solid ink sticks are a great improvement from cartridges and refillable liquid ink kits. This will save countless dollars on repair and maintenance. I think Xerox should be doing more promotion and let the world know and become familiar with this new technology.

I personally was skeptical in the beginning and was not sure how reliable this method would be. Now I actually looking forward to purchasing one for myself and really witnessing the power of this new machine.

Many graphics designers need the best quality in their prints and if this technology is to take over then Xerox must be as innovative as the Smart Car and have all the small issues worked out.
Added 10.15.09 6:23 am EDT Xerox 8400 ink
I am waiting for the release of all the competitor's solid ink printers. There has not been too much positive talk around the new Xerox printers, and I do not see Xerox moving very quickly to fix the "kinks".

Soon the competition will release their own version that does not have the same problems that Xerox is having. Also, it may be me, but I do not see very much promotion to the public, only to offices.

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