Monday, November 16, 2009

Canon to acquire Oce . Ricoh took Ikon. Canon fights back. What will Fuji do?

It shouldn't be that surprising.

The titans of print are based in Tokyo. The yen is playing under new rules after the recent election in Japan. Oce owns the HVTO space and is first to play in versioned newspapers. With their history of the DNN they have first mover advantage. Today, Nov 16, the really disruptive innovation for versioned and personalized newspapers goes live in Berlin.

But it's too late for Oce get a space on the desktop or the CRD. On top of it all, Canon took a big hit from Ricoh when they bought IKON and replaced the Canon boxes with Ricoh boxes.

What's next?
What I'm seeing is that outsourced print and insourced print will just be print. That's what Xerox EPS is about. Given that KKR has recently joined the party, Kodak will probably spin off the Creo and Scitex piece to focus on their core dna in photo and the consumer space.

The last remaining question is what will HP do? I'm hoping they will spin off the Indigo piece so that it can get the focus it needs to be number one in commercial digital printing.

But whatever happens next, it's pretty clear to me that today, the printernet took a huge step forward.
Canon in £655m bid to acquire Océ
Tim Sheahan,, 16 November 2009

Canon is set to acquire Oce after making a 730m euro ($655m) cash offer for the digital press manufacturer.

Japan-based Canon has made an offer of €8.60 per Oce share, which represents a premium of 70% more than the company's closing share price at the end of play on 13 November, valuing the company at €730m.

The deal hinges on the offer being accepted by Oc�s ordinary shareholders, a decision that has been fully recommended by the company's board."


  1. Océ has a #1 position in wideformat and #1 VHV bw+clr continuesfeed (financial transaction, book on demand and publishing) segments. In A4 bw Oce ships the world fastest printsystem (>300 ppm). In Europe and US Oce adds a lot of Managed Document Services experience to the Canon portfolio.

    So it seems that Canon is building a very strong #1 position in all output segments.

  2. That's pretty much the way I see it. Any thoughts about what Kyocera is going to do, given that Oce is KM's largest reseller.

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  4. As a Canon channel partner, We are very excited to see this partnership!

  5. It's a celebration for both channel partners and a time for overhaul of channel sales strategy, I'd say.