Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hendrik and Wanja invented Newspaper 3.0 in Berlin

On Monday, November 16, , Hendrik Tiedemann and Wanja S. Oberhof launched Niiu in Berlin. Since I am illiterate in German I have to depend on Google Translate. It was reported in Germanin Germany in column by FOCUS-Online-author Claudia Frickel . The article in Google Translate English is here.
The subscribers will select up to 14 on the clock "Niiu" homepage by clicking, what content it wants to read. He can currently access to 17 local and national newspapers, including American and one Russian.The reader may also select specific departments and determine how many pages he wants from the respective newspaper - but not search for individual articles. Incorporated in each case is the complete page, including advertisements. The areas of interest can change daily.

In addition, the "Niiu" can be supplemented with Internet content from about 500 portals . On the last page for example, information is collected from blogs or printed Facebook messages from friends.
If interested in the business model for education, check out the previous post including the comments. If interested in the commercial model, consider that predictive analytics on consumer behavior is the high margin deliverable for print. Then think about the analytics possible if you have a data base that tells you what a user thinks is interesting.

If you add QR codes,
it means you can drill down even further to see which articles were interesting enough for the user to make the click to the web. You could also tell an advertiser exactly when and where the user clicked on an ad.

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