Monday, January 25, 2010

What if an MFP were a news output device?

In the States, a new form of journalism is emerging. As of today, it's gotten on my radar in Texas, California and Connecticut.
CT Mirror is nnother new business model for Journalism at the State level It seems similar to @texastribune

California Watch: The latest entrant in the dot-org journalism boom
There are different business models for each outfit. But each a web only. Web only is a niche market. Only print and TV are mass market medium.

Consider and A4 or A3 with human readable URL's and QR codes, that takes the headline and the lede from the XML on the newspaper site. Or takes a twitter stream with HR URLs and QR code.

Or if not an MFP, then a PDF as a newspaper insert or supplied to print with the run. Or if not a PDF, then a 24 page newspaper.

Then earn some revenue with ads from NGO's and Government Social Service.

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