Thursday, January 14, 2010

Xerox Rocks! And it's not about ACS.

So between this and that I checked in at Twitter and found this:
Xerox and On Demand Books will jointly market and sell, on a worldwide basis, the Xerox 4112(tm) Copier/Printer...

So then I Googled Xerox and On Dmeand books and got to this:

Xerox Technology to Fuel Espresso Book Machine; Worldwide Agreement Includes Global Marketing and Sales Support:


- Xerox Corporation's (NYSE: XRX) digital technology will bring speed and exceptional image quality to books produced on demand by the patented Espresso Book Machine(R). This cutting-edge book solution, sold by On Demand Books, LLC, produces millions of copyrighted, public domain, out-of-print, or rare texts for consumers in a matter of minutes."

There's a pretty good chance that On Demand books will finally bring to life the book machine at the point of the buyer. That means inventory problems go away for small bookstores. It could also mean books printed at the CRD for school districts.

It's still a little tricky to figure out what it means for Big X's PSPs. If it were me, I would do a sweet deal so they could offer instant books for their customers. But however it plays out, this could be a banner day for big X.

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