Friday, January 15, 2010

Espresso Deal for BIg X may be Docutech 2010

When I first heard about the Xerox and Espresso deal yesterday, I looked at through the lens of selling boxes. But today, I saw the article at PrintWeek with the much bigger story : Xerox to sell Espresso Book Machine | "

I think it's a natural for every college book store in the States to have one or two Espresso Book Machines. Just needs a deal between XRX and BN.

Moving forward why not every CRD in every school district?

I still remember the feeling I got when I read about the Docutech in the Wall Street Journal. It gave me the chills when it was described as a book machine. I have to say I had the same feeling yesterday.
Xerox to sell Espresso Book Machine | "
Xerox has signed an agreement to sell the Espresso Book Machine (EBM), the revolutionary on-demand book printer, alongside its Xerox 4112 printer.

The worldwide distribution agreement heralds a major step forward for EBM manufacturer On Demand Books, which released the first version of the machine in 2006."


  1. First heard this story and thought Xerox were bringing book printing and coffee making together.

    I was disappointed to learn the truth.

  2. Peter Maybe they'll do a deal with Starbucks or Blue State.

    Oder a latte, choose a book, a few minutes after your latte is ready, so will be your book.

  3. That sounds great - as long as it's done with the same machine.

  4. Lol...
    Given the tiny new expresso machines, i think all it needs is a side desk (from Staples). Perfect for school libraries...

    Meanwhile, you're the kind of user that gives enigneers and product developers either nightmares or a gift from heaven.