Friday, February 26, 2010

The Textbook Medium is The Message Of High School Education in the States

The inconvenient truth is that in High School education in the States approved textbooks supply the standards for education.

There is no longer any doubt in my mind that textbooks are now entering the tipping point into something new. It seems that education is traveling along the same trajectory.

Our usual focus is on the textbook as print. Today let's take a look at the political economy of education in the service of getting a more nuanced view.

In Rhode Island
All teachers fired at R.I. school. Will that happen elsewhere? { CSM }

All teachers fired at R.I. school. { CSM } "This will be a canary in the coal mine,”

Rhode Island is now ground zero for reforming America’s worst-performing schools { CSM }
The game changer is
US Secretary of #Education Arne Duncan applauded the Rhode Island decision this week." { CSM }
in Texas:
Texas "House Bill 2488 – the “open source” #textbook bill – is a watershed piece of legislation"

Open Source” Textbooks Are Reason for Grave Concern in Texas ( The Political Economy of #Education)
The game changer
Open Source” #Textbooks Are Reason for Grave Concern in Texas --> " weakening the duties of the Board,"

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