Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crowd Sourced Print Centric Innovation

A couple of days ago an interesting thing happened on social media. It started on Twitter then moved to G+.

On twitter there is a group of us, @GraingerEd in Canada, @Ddrrnt in Oregon, that have been chatting over the last year or so about the problems in education. Sean Grainger (@graingered ) is a leading educator in Alberta. He did a brilliant post on Bullying. 

About a week or so ago, we seemed to have hit an inflection point. @menghe a brilliant designer joined our little band. It's an under appreciated fact that Brilliant - not pedestrian - graphic design is the defensible value.  After a couple of days of back and forth on twitter, and then a real focused conversation at G+ , Menghe presented this poster on Bullying.

If things go as planned, A printed version of this piece will be available at Jason Pinto's booth some time during Graph Expo.

Print Centric Innovation
As we chatted more about the poster Menghe did, it seems that we may have stumbled on a product that could do well while doing some good.

Another member of our little band is @Sandyhubbard . We've been having a long back and forth on Twitter about Print as the Medium of Common Sense. The fact is the Print medium is slow. It sits quietly in the background waiting for the user to engage. Unlike "social media" it does not create the expectation of a response  Now.  All you need to do is compare the image you find on this screen with a printed version available at the show to prove the point to yourself.

But the point is to do well in the service of doing good.

The format of the image should enable non profit organizations to get their message out and still allow magazines to earn money from placing the ad. Each of the twitter persona and QR should be easy to sell to corporations also trying to do well. If the charge for an ad is $2000, each position could be sold for a minimum of $500 or more. 

Do well. Do good. is the best way to integrate social media into Print. 

Stay tuned for more Print Centric Innovations to #HelpPrintThrive.

UPDATE: Sept 15

It turned out that things broke just the right way.  @raffel stepped up to get us through the last mile at the show. The other piece was quick response from @HPIndigo. Short story it was printed at GraphExpo yesterday. For the non printing nerds, GraphExpo is the biggest Print Industry show in the USA... at least for now.

 It says to me that Crowd Sourced Design can be couple with Crowd Sourced Manufacturing. Of course this is a tiny example, depending an the caring of many individuals.

But it seems to me it demonstrates what is now becoming possible.


  1. "The fact is the Print medium is slow. It sits quietly in the background waiting for the user to engage. Unlike "social media" it does not create the expectation of a response Now."... This is a critical feature Michael in my opinion. I agree that the print medium enables folks to SLOW down and distribute their thought capital at a pace they are comfortable with and engage when they feel ready to do good by doing well relative to the print message that lingers one way or the other.
    Very exciting possibilities...

  2. Print also provides persistence and accessibility in ways that social media does not.

    But you fail to note that effectively you've leveraged both :) After all the QR requires the less accessible technology that print does not.

    Either way, it's a great project. Kudos.

  3. I gotta start following you guys on twitter.

    1. So do I!

      And just the fact that you share this online shows just how print and social media can work together.

      Kathy@Cartridge Shop

  4. brilliant, there is a lot of potential lurking here

  5. Dan Tapscott is right: collaboration is what will bring costs down, scalability, and spur innovation. We all have a role, and if we join the team, play to the best of our ability, we can progress our families, communities, neighborhoods, society, one #babies at a time.

  6. Great to hear that your poster is doing well. The topic it focuses on is certainly one that needs to be addressed, especially lately when i hear about youths taking their lives because of bullying.

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