Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If I were still in the game, here's how I would use twitter to get to selling Print

Mingoville @ToughLoveforX what do you mean with POD?

ToughLoveforX @Mingoville POD is the acronym used in the print industry to point to "print on demand." Print can now use data streams as input.

Mingoville @ToughLoveforX reg. POD:does that mean ordering 5 copies is just as cheap as ordering 500?

ToughLoveforX @Mingoville. It means you can order as few as 1 copy at an affordable price. Or 500 copies with the words different in each copy.

ToughLoveforX @Mingoville. It also means you can publish a data stream in Print for 30 copies for a class. There's more in the sidebar @ from web
This tweet is the end of stage 1:
Mingoville Thx I'll check it out RT @ToughLoveforX: Data stream print @

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