Friday, October 2, 2009

What's next for Xerox? It's about BPO. But what happens to the PSPs?

Yesterday I followed some links from Document Solutions Daily. Given that when I find interesting(2me), I tweet it. So yesterday I tweeted this:
From a #xerox blog. "we are primarily going after the BPO space" So what could that mean for Xerox PSPs? . .
At the click, you will find Real Business At Xerox with a very helpful post by Paul Hartley explaining the thinking behind the ACS purchase. Since I agree with big X on this one, you can take the click to see what Paul wrote. But I do wonder about how this is going to play out for PSP's and the huge installed print capability.

Michael Moeller kindly took the time to answer my question with

To our readers, there will be more details about this acquisition once we satisfy the customary regulatory requirements involved and close the deal. We are focused on providing great value to our customers and meeting our fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders.

We thank you for your attention and input on this blog and look forward to sharing additional information once we can.

All makes sense to me. I'm hoping the response is going to be about connecting the Xerox PSPs to XGS and Independent MPS. It seems to me that would really be 1+1+1 = 10. But I guess we'll have to wait a bit until the lawyers say it's ok to share.

Full disclosure Long Xerox.

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