Saturday, October 3, 2009

PMA in Australia. Good news or Bad news? Depends on who you ask.

Back in April I did a post about PMA Solutions. based on a piece I found in Print 21online called Be your own business:
PMA Solutions was established by the current Managing Director and primary shareholder, Phil Okill, in 1988 as Print Management Australia. Phil believed that there was an opportunity in the print industry to reverse the traditional focus from production and press capabilities to client requirements and service. Key to this strategy was total independence from any manufacturing capabilities - allowing unbiased supplier selection and the best market rates to be sourced and shared with our clients
After having spent 35 years in the game as a printing broker, it sounds like a print broker on steroids. But then Astron that was purchased by Donnelly for almost a billion dollars started as a printing broker on steroids. Back in the day, printing brokers were at the bottom of the print status ladder. Based on the message I got today from anon, it seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same. To be clear, I don't know if anon has this right. No doubt he is saying what he is seeing.

Back in the 80's and 90's, the standard phrase in New York was "sleezy printing broker." True for some, not for the best of us. What is BPO , if not printing brokerage on steroids.

regading this article though it is load of rubish as I allready very well know about PMA and how it operates and it's so called agent division. this new agency sales channel is actually a fraud rather than a bussiness plan dude!. they get the poor peoples there then gather infomations about thier customers and contacts and then get rid of them leaving the people who joined it poorer and worse off than when they have started. please remember O'kill look stupid but he is a real shark and crook !

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