Saturday, May 9, 2009

DataPoint: Greg Walters Says ColorCube could be a big deal.

Fear The Cube or Don't Fear The Cube: In The End, It Won't Matter
From Death of The Copier:

"The Xerox ColorCube is not a contender, it is a game changer - and I haven't even seen a unit yet.

Let us not forget the end user really won't care what the technology is - like always, they will want to print or copy in color or B/W as easily and as simply as possible, at a reasonable cost."


  1. I am a top performer at Ricoh, Xerox's biggest competitor... and I'm scared.

  2. I only wish, as a Xerox Sales Agent, that I could start marketing the ColorCube 9200 Series today, but I am on the 4th launch wave to be able to offering this to my marketing area. I think from a technology position it's a Real Game Changer. The theory and application of Solid Ink is a winner.

    I have been in this industry well over 30+ years, and if I wasn't so close to retirement I think I would move to where this product could be marketed today.

    I love technology and Xerox is an innovator! Go Xerox Go – and more is yet to come!!!

  3. The Xerox Phaser models of Color Solid Ink printers haven't been the sea change that folks think the Color Cube will be. Quality is in the eyes of the beholder but to this beholder the colors look laid-down, almost transfered. My concern is the cost of repairs and clogged print heads. Time will tell as in the H-P Edgeline and Savin's Liquid Ink.

  4. I expected the Color Cube to have a bigger impact than it is currently having. I think the solid ink sticks are a great improvement from cartridges and refillable liquid ink kits. This will save countless dollars on repair and maintenance. I think Xerox should be doing more promotion and let the world know and become familiar with this new technology. I personally was skeptical in the beginning and was not sure how reliable this method would be. Now I actually looking forward to purchasing one for myself and really witnessing the power of this new machine. Many graphics designers need the best quality in their prints and if this technology is to take over then Xerox must be as innovative as the Smart Car and have all the small issues worked out.

  5. We have a ColorCube at the office. I'd love it more if it didn't have ink that melted when we try to print again on the paper or stick the stuff through a lamination machine. If you're printing things as the final product, you're set. But as letterhead or a template for something else, good luck!