Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Great read at OutputLInks: Understanding Xerox + ACS and the new opportunity for Print.

This morning I got a great article from Output Links.
"Is the Trend Now Toward Transactional Output Outsourcing?" S. Gerschwer, OutputLinks| MUST read to figure out XRX + ACS http://ilnk.me/3de
The money paragraph:
Outsourcing HVTO is a trend to keep an eye on, especially as it will be conducted as a component of a greater whole. This means that, perhaps for the first time, C-Level executives will come to view their transactional output as a vital strategic asset. The data center is no longer a lonely outpost: it is the hub of the most core business process that the organization relies on: customer communication.
It's worth the click to get the full story.

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