Thursday, October 22, 2009

The underappreciated player in 2d is a newspaper press manufacturer. Goss.

Back in June, I did a post about GossRSVP. Today this got on my radar.
Karen Charlesworth is impressed with an initiative to push upcodes to printers - from an unexpected but nonetheless brilliant sourc

Some snippets:
I’ve been incredibly impressed with the efforts of one company in particular to get printers thinking about their use.
The programme uses 2D barcodes embedded in the printed product, with text message interactions and response data handled as part of a scalable, low-capital service.
In fact the company behind RSVP is none other than Goss International, hitherto known mainly for its portfolio of web presses beloved by the world’s top newspaper printing houses.
Goss's vision in knitting together innovation, value and marketing opportunities for itself, its customers and its customers’ customers is nothing short of brilliant. Let’s see more manufacturers of printing kit heading in this direction.

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