Saturday, December 5, 2009

Score for Ricoh at Clarion University . Why wouldn't every school do that?

It seems like such a no brainer that it should go on the front of a postcard .
6,000,000 black and white copies & 250,000 color copies.
Before: .06 to .12 per black only copy & .15 to .32 per color
After: .03 to .035 per black only copy & .08 to .09 cents per color

You do the math.

Call or email if you would like to chat. xxx-yyy-zzzz or
Much lower cost of sales than scheduling meetings and getting into a fight with the IT people.

Send the postcard to whoever is in charge of keeping the ship afloat. Send the same postcard for week after week after week. If they don't respond, keep sending out the same postcard to lots of people that might. Week after week after week.

The hard part:
Answer the call if and when it comes on the second ring or the email within an hour.
Printer changes saving Clarion University money:

"Led by President Joseph Grunenwald, the administrative offices in Carrier Hall are leading the way for campus. Most all of the desktop/personal printers, including those in the president's office, have been removed. A Ricoh central printer/copier/scanner, for use by the entire floor has replaced the personal printers. One centralized networked printer will serve as backup per department.

The analysis was eye opening. There were roughly 540 print devices (mostly Hewlett Packard) on campus, which used $60,000 a year in print cartridges. Clarion spends $12-15,000 per year to purchase printers and an additional $4-5,000 per year to maintain the devices. The cost to print from these devices is six to 12 cents per black and white copy and 15 to 32 cents per color copy.

During 2009, a switchover started. Ricoh Equipment installed 27 color/black and white and 44 black and white only copiers on campus. The copy volume during the first year for these 71 machines was almost six million black and white copies and 250,000 color copies. Factoring in the cost of toner, maintenance, and other supplies, the cost per copy was .03 to .035 cents per black and white copy and .08 to .09 cents per color copy.

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