Monday, December 14, 2009

WOW. Here comes the HP printernet.HP Launches Printing Network

This deserves a much longer post, but I don't have the time just this minute. More later. But, any one who has followed this blog knows what a printernet is. To see what I mean do a Google search on "Printernet"

It could have been Xerox Premier Partners or Oce's Digital Newspaper Network or Staples. But it's HP.

I'm still hoping they give me a way to get in on the action by figuring out a way to separate the print piece from the computer piece. My bet is that sooner or later.... but not as of today.

The money sentence:
The launch of the PSP Network is an exciting first step that brings a new dimension of versatility and reliability to print buying,” says Martin.

HP Launches Printing Network

"n an effort to drive printing business to its customers, HP announced the launch of the PSP Network, a global on-line directory for print buyers to find local print service providers—what it calls 'PSP'—around the world. The site lists more than 80 countries, from Latvia and Lithuania to Turkmenistan and Tunisia, as well as major print centers in the U.S. and Canada"


  1. Hey man,

    It's not directly print related, but this strikes me as something you might enjoy:

    Not intending to spam ya!

  2. Michael JosefowiczJanuary 5, 2010 at 9:12 AM

    Thanks for the link. BTW, print is my passion ever since I collected comic books. Just the way it is. But the thing that really gets me going is "Why do people do what they do.

    So far here's what I've come up with.
    People do what they do cause they think what they think.
    They think what they think cause they see what they see.
    They see what they see cause they don't want to get eaten by the bear.

    You might enjoy this one:

  3. So you think people are driven by fear? Hmm!

  4. Not driven so much as stressed and moved to action. Fear is a big word. Too much noise for what I'm trying to say.

    Consider the "fear of looking stupid." I've seen it every day in every organization or classroom I've been in. It's only now that I'm retired that I don't have to worry (fear) that unintended consequence.

    The nicer story is that people make decisions primarily on the basis of ROI or some other such formulation. Not the way I see it.

    That's why it's so ineffective and slow - either in a sales process or a classroom. Fear of losing what you have is much more decision producing than hope of getting more.

  5. That's understandable. Not every decision can involve risking everything or nothing.