Thursday, January 21, 2010

Custom Textbooks Created on HP Equipment

By now it's no longer a new story. But here's another data point on the opportunity for versioned print in education. Soon someone will scale personalized (in addition to the versioned) Then someone will add QR or other 2d codes.

Then some high school admin somewhere is going to see the value of personalized print + QR to increase attendance and behavior compliance with a minimally invasive intervention.

Then we can all move on to even more interesting problems.

The full story is at Global Print Monitor

"Making the grade in educational publishing

As public schools across the US strive to improve education for all students, the needs of individual states, districts and schools become apparent. Mercury Print Productions found a way to address these needs by creating customised textbooks with the new HP Indigo W7200 Digital Press.

'Because of the No Child Left Behind Act, a school's funding is somewhat dependent on students' test scores,' explains Christian Schamberger, vice president of operations, Mercury Print Productions. 'The ability to customise textbooks to ensure students learn what they need to can help improve test scores and secure the school's funding.'"


  1. I think this will be a great idea. The eventual transfer from paper-books to light-weight Electronics with the necessary programs will be a much healthier improvement for students, as well as a well established introduction to computers. I would love to see the schools rid themselves of out of date books that weigh far too much.

  2. I'm not convinced that it's going to be a transfer from paper books to Electronics. What I think I see is more efficient print playing nicely in a world of electronics.

    Check out this post at Ricoh Innovations to see what I think is a more plausible path. Essentially it's just the right medium at just the right time for just the right person.

    The under appreciated fact is that print (especially if it connected to the web as an uplink with 2d codes and as a downlink by going from XML to PDf to Print, is the just right medium for most of the time in education.

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