Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another score for HP ! and in Rochester No Less.

If HP would only spin off the Print business I could add them to my IRA. That computer business just doesn't make sense. But the print business makes so much common sense. I love boring businesses. Meanwhile there's the HP inkjet solution and the HP liquid toner solution. I wonder which has the lower TCO for clicks?

Snippets from the press release follow: italics are my additions.
PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 12, 2009 – HP today announced that Mercury Print Productions, a Rochester, N.Y.-based print service provider (PSP) bought a new HP Indigo W7200 Digital Press.

Mercury, which produces textbooks, teacher's editions, workbooks and other materials for the educational market, is expanding its offerings with the increased productivity gained through this latest technology installation.
I hope they have a really good strategy if that business implodes and reorganizes, which is what I think I'm seeing. Perhaps they will consider versioned personalized clickable print instead of one size, slow to market textbooks. Clickable workbooks is possibly a killer app.
Designed to offer digital productivity with true offset quality, the HP Indigo W7200 Digital Press is a roll-fed liquid electrophotographic printing dual-engine solution for high volumes of variable-data and short-run-static printing. The HP Indigo W7200 can produce up to 7.5 million letter-size color images, or 30 million monochrome letter-size images, per month.

"The HP Indigo W7200's quality, speed and efficiencies are transforming the current limitations and scope of digital printing," said Christian Schamberger, vice president, Operations, Mercury Print Productions. "In a time when customers are changing the way that they look at inventory as to not tie up their cash flow, the press offers us the ability to provide cost-effective, high-quality products when they are needed at a price point that makes sense."
It would be really cool if HP would follow Kodak's lead on the Prosper and publish the TCO of an four color and 1 color A4.

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