Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A question for Guy Broadhurst, or anyone at Oce: Don't QR codes make all these issues go away?

I found this very interesting-to-me article by linking from my email. Unfortunately there was no comment box at the link, so I'm asking my question here. see title.
There Are Barcodes and Then There Are Barcodes!:
By Guy Broadhurst, Oce

When is a bar code not a barcode? When it doesn't scan, is the answer!

Do you remember the 'olden days' when we went from impact printers to laser printers, thinking we'd found some kind of digital paradise, only to face a seemingly unending stream of font issues? Many times I remember hearing, “The font doesn't look good,' 'the spacing is wrong.' Or 'the reflectivity of the bar code is different from one press manufacturer to another, so they don't always read correctly . . .
Read the rest at There Are Barcodes and Then There Are Barcodes!:

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