Monday, August 10, 2009

Why Global Print Companies should turn their labs into Degree Granting Research Universities and even more about Clickable Postcards

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Reason number one
Most Universities are not living up to their potential and are too expensive and not effective as they can be.

Reason number two
The benefit to a global of proprietary knowledge creation is no longer supported by the expense of supporting it. Imagine what happens to overhead expense if the research lab becomes a profit center - granting degrees - instead of a cost center.

The third reason is most important.
The world needs the knowledge being created at the research labs in real time, not in corporate time.

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From UCtelevision
Charles Vest, the former president of MIT and current president of the National Academy of Engineering makes the case for the social value of 21st century research universities in the fifth and final installment of the Upside of Down 2009 series sponsored by CEOs for Cities and the Helen Edison Lecture Series at UC San Diego. Series: CEOs for Cities: The Upside of Down 2009 [8/2009] [Public Affairs] [Science] [Show ID: 15583]
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