Monday, September 21, 2009

C'mon Big X, it anon is telling the truth the ComDoc situation is worth looking into

One of the most visited posts at the blog is about Xerox buying ComDoc. Posted in January, 21 comments to date. Another anon posted a not happy(2me) comment. Since it's anon, the chances of it being true are about 50/50.

What I care about most is the revenue stream going forward from XRX, if anon is telling true it needs to get to the top of someone's radar. ColorQube ain't going to do with the ground force. And it should be fixed sooner, rather than later.

If some Venture Capital comes in to do a "Kodak", that's fine with me. Consider that big X paid over a billion dollars for ComDoc. Consider that KKR got 16.5% of Kodak while they are getting "about 10%" on the loan. As far as I can tell, KKR made a much better deal.

Anon said:
i worked there for a few years. walked away with a nice roll of cash when it was all said and done.

but as far as comdoc being a 'good place to work and a good place to be a customer, HA! those days are OVER.

i had to deal with xerox every day and believe me they made so many mistakes on shipping and pricing. my bet is they (xerox) will run what used to be a decent co. strait into the ground.

for the people who still work there (and those who at least show up to collect a pay check, you know who you are)take some advise get out now before xerox put you on the unemployment line.

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