Saturday, September 26, 2009

Consultative PrintMedia Sales 101: The 12 tweet program.

Consultative Print Sales 101: (1 of ?) Follow The No Asshole Rule.The Video: The Book:

Consultative Print Sales101 (2 of ?). Stop the Bullshit.The vid: The book:

Consultative Print Sales101 (3 of ?) Practice (1 of ?) and (2 of ?) until it becomes second nature. Start with your life partner.
Consultative Print Sales 101 (4 of ?) Repeat after me: Print is a commodity. Coffee is a commodity. Starbucks sells coffee. I sell print.

Consultative Print Sales101 (5 of ?) Print = Coffee = commodity.. So work out of Starbucks to get a feel of how to do it right.

Consultative Print Sales 101: (6 of ?) Discover people you like. If you don't like them, tell someone who might. Re: comp: maybe do a deal.

Consultative PrintMedia Sales (7 of ?) Read @leighshev. If you want to be a big fish, discover the right sized pond.

Consultative Printmedia Sales 101 (8 of ??) "Social media" is just same old thing but faster and written down. LISTEN, Think, talk.

Consultative Printmedia Sales 101 (9 of ??) Social Media via @BrianRegan "doing sales calls and she said "I think I follow you on Twitter."

Consultative Printmedia Sales 101 (10/??) LISTEN, Think, talk. LISTEN for a question. If you don't know, say "I don't know." Don't bullshit.

Consultative Printmedia Sales (11 of ?) Listen to Mr Rogers. video at . Learn how to manage assholes. video at

Consultative PrintMedia Sales (12 of ?) What do a Two Year and Business Success Have in Common? video at

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