Monday, September 21, 2009

XRX, Global, Comdoc. Another Voice heard from..

Global has/had a solid reputation (metrically speaking) in that regard. Anon
The Xerox buying ComDoc post continues to gather comments. 23 comments on a January post is unusual. About 4 hours ago this came in:
This last post sounds like a bit of sour grapes and anger if you ask me. The fact is, Global is the go-between here, with the belief that Global's ability to support the SMB is stronger than XRX. And Global has/had a solid reputation (metrically speaking) in that regard.

And your bet is that XRX will run what used to be a decent company straight to the ground, yet you are giving advice to people who "show up to collect a pay check". Honestly, if there are people who are obviously just collecting a check, XRX / Global / ComDoc shoud put them in the unemployment line.
My concern is that "metrics" may not be measuring the morale of the ground force.

In a world where margins on physical equipment will continue to be under severe pressure, MPS is a critical part of the Xerox value proposition. The recent announcements about DocuShare in educational systems is very good news.

The key question for me is whether X can break through a corporate culture that evolved when "nobody got fired for buying Xerox." At the time the margins were good and the necessity to pay very close attention to the morale on the ground was not that important. Corporate time in a protected environment is not going to make it in a fiercely competitive environment.

As in most complex organizations it's hard to get a view of how all the pieces fit together. How is the culture of Global different from Xerox different from ComDocs? How are sales of ColorQube going? What exactly is the relationship between Xerox and Fuji Xerox? and what's the plan for PARC?

Perhaps one of the analysts will ask the questions at the next conference call.

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