Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We we did at TwitterSchool today: Got one step closer to clickable newspapers to replace high school science textbooks

For the version with live links follow the links from #revolutionizescience at Twitter.

It started yesterday with this from me in response to them:
RT @weknowmore free access for all scientific knowledge a good idea? http://ow.ly/olhD [Yes, but it needs a new biz model for SCIENCE.]
then they said:
@ToughLoveforX Good point! The current business model of science (publishers charging $40 an article) is really, really old-fashioned (1}

@ToughLoveforX The peer-reviewing can be done by the community and publication through the university websites for instance. (2)

@ToughLoveforX Publically funded institutions pay their researchers regardless of the amount or dare I say quality of their publications (3)
then I said:
@weknowmore I think we agree. The problem is a biz model, not outside support. Maybe Read4Free, Pay4Print and personal appearances?

@weknowmore Re:Biz4Science. Books to make science accessible? Science clickable #newspapers instead of "science" textbooks. lots of $$$?
then they said:
@ToughLoveforX Great idea! We are your men and one woman if you would like to investigate this idea further. #revolutionizescience

then I said:
@weknowmore Way cool! Try to get in touch with the Oce people. They are just about there in Berlin. the #clickable part to come.
then I tweeted:
#Print09, #HP, #Xerox #Oce #InfoPrint: New addressable sustainable market for digital print starts at #revolutionizescience via @weknowmore

I can't wait to see what we going to do in TwitterSchool tomorrow!

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