Friday, September 11, 2009

Yesterday at TwitterSchool I learned that Kodak is way cool and quite clever.

About 3 weeks after starting Tough Love, I got on my little soapbox about YouTube channels. Since then I've been singing the same song.

To be clear my focus is on fixing High School education at the bottom of the pyramid. The functionality of YouTube channels for learning can be repurposed to fit specific circumstances at very low costs.

As I wandered around Twitter yesterday, I followed some links to find KodakTube. I have to say, in my humble opinion, they've got it just right. You can follow the links at the tweets below to see if you agree.
In 4:05 mins at KodakTube, Noel Ward+Nick Benkovich showed me Prinergery. Prinergy=secret sauce. Full Disc: Long EK
Awesome(2me) vid at Kodaktube. "It's time to smile." {Focus on smile+smart not ROI. ROI will come naturally. #Print09
Full disclosure: Long on Kodak.

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