Monday, September 7, 2009

While everyone is at Print 09, the real action may be in Berlin. Go Oce!

We're almost there. A 24 page newspaper with the copy chosen the night before for delivery the next day. see snippet below.

Consider the Education Application:
The teacher chooses the content for the next couple of days from the web. An Oce PSP delivers the papers to the class the next morning. Instead of a being personalized to one, it's versioned to a class of thirty or a grade of a couple of hundred.

Put in QR and human readable TinyUrls and why would anyone ever want to buy a K -12 textbook.

Versioned clickable newspapers to replace textbooks in K -12.

Go Print!
Go Printernet!

Digital newspapers:
Reverse osmosis on GXpress:
"Oce’s Robert Koeckeis says the company is also equipment supplier for a start-up in Berlin called ‘’ to produce customised newspapers overnight. The idea is that you can log into the website up to 2 pm the day before, to select pages – from the six or seven sections in each of about 30 newspaper titles – you want to be in your morning paper tomorrow. The 24-page product will also automatically include content from your social networking sites.

“Everything is linked to the internet,” he says, “with the first and last pages personalised from the internet.”

First editions . . . will reach 5000 readers, many of whom are students who will participate in market research as a focus group. Copies come off a 150metres/minute Jetstream 2200, and will be delivered through a system owned by German publishers. Individual publishers receive royalties for the pages used, while ‘’ gets the advertising revenue and cover price proceeds.

Again it’s only a pilot project and there’s an expectation that if the launch is a success, the concept will be sold."

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