Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Austalians figure out the next stage of selling Print!

Maybe it's the beer and that extra long coastline for surfing. But whatever the reasons, I think they've got it just right. Now if I can only convince them to do printernet publish Print 21, you wouldn't have to read this on a blog.

You could read it in Print.

He says in the article that "he reckons the agency business model will change how the whole printing industry works in Australia." But why limit yourself to Australia?

Printer language is the same all over the globe. Same problems. Same solutions, just adapted to local circumstances. In the States this is for the PSDA network, independent MPS companies, printing brokers and of course the family owned printshop. Here's the money part,
Currently he has 16 agents operating in a number of different business segments, turning over anything from $1,250,000 to $3,000,000 per annum. Many are former printers who have sold off their equipment, retaining their invaluable business contacts and continuing to grow their business while outsourcing production to PMA. Some operate in partnerships, some are sole traders, while others have employed subagents to expand their business.
And here's some snippets:
The article is called Be your own business: From Print 21online

"Okill makes the point that for many SME printers the true value of their business lies in their customer lists, their local contacts and their networking skills, not in their factory buildings and equipment. The days are gone when printers could look forward to retiring on the resale value of their Heidelberg press.
. . .
These are the people PMA Solutions is looking to recruit into its new agency sales channel. Building on the success of PMA’s own print management and out-sourcing enterprise model, Okill sees the expansion of the company’s reach as its next evolutionary step. More than that, he reckons the agency business model will change how the whole printing industry works in Australia.
. . .
To understand the dynamics you’ve got to get your head around the strengths of PMA Solutions. This is Okill’s $50 million per annum Sydney-based sourcing, fulfilment and logistics company. According to Phil Shanahan, national manager strategic sourcing, its strengths lie in a determination to source, store and deliver whatever it is the customer wants, be it print, promotional materials, branded apparel or safety gear. “It doesn’t matter what our customer asks us to source, we will get it for them,” he said.
. . .
What Okill is doing is opening up the system to a cadre of agents who can take advantage of the company’s back office and logistics network to run their own businesses under the PMA banner. It is similar to a franchise model but with one very important difference – there is no upfront investment. Agents have their own business, can grow it and sell it when they want to, while leaving the backroom administration, invoicing and sourcing to PMA. In fact, new agents are paid a three month retainer when they join so they can gain intensive training on the system.


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  2. I have also recently came across this blog too.
    regading this article though it is load of rubish as I allready very well know about PMA and how it operates and it's so called agent division. this new agency sales channel is actually a fraud rather than a bussiness plan dude!. they get the poor peoples there then gather infomations about thier customers and contacts and then get rid of them leaving the people who joined it poorer and worse off than when they have started. please remember O'kill look stupid but he is a real shark and crook !

  3. I can only go by what I read and whether it makes sense to me. This approach makes lots of sense to me. But that's why this is a blog, not a "trusted news source."

    You say "then get rid of them leaving the people who joined it poorer and worse off than when they have started."

    got any details you'd like to share?

  4. i like ur website. thanks for this comment posting...