Thursday, June 18, 2009

So how cool is it that Goss has Print to Cloud on Cell Phones?

GossRSVP™ System is designed for advertisers to unlock the power of print. It allows readers to interact with your printed products, engaging and enhancing their reading experience.
And the cool part:
GossRSVP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goss International Corporation. Goss International Corporation is a worldwide corporation dedicated to global leadership in supplying printing solutions.

With manufacturing sites in America, Asia and Europe and a support network spanning the globe, the company specializes in advanced press and postpress technology for all newspaper and commercial web printing applications.

Fred and Sam Goss founded the Goss Printing Company in 1885. Their successors have been driven by a constant quest for technological innovation. A long list of "firsts" includes the web offset newspaper press itself, the four-color tower, gapless blankets, selective binding, and automatic plate changing, to name just a few. The GossRSVP™ System is the latest step in this proud history of innovation.

Today, Goss systems continue to make web offset a more sophisticated, cost-effective way to communicate by setting new standards for print quality, productivity, efficiency, reliability and versatility.

You have to love Goss. And of course, GO PRINT!

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