Friday, November 6, 2009

Anyone else notice that so much cool stuff comes out of Texas? KBA in Dallas.

It sounds to me that KBA users group has it just right. It's exactly what I would expect from the industrial newspaper part of the business. Sooner or later, I'm hoping the newspaper folks see the business opportunity in using newspaper product to fill the vacuum created by the implosion of the textbook industry.

Consider the information density and close to real time delivery that is just a part of doing business for a printed newspaper. With the new technologies, they have exactly the right infrastructure to deliver content to schools, supported by advertising by NGO's, health and social service agencies.

The path is to personalized newspapers. The Nov 16th launch in Berlin of an Oce supported business model should demonstrate that tech is ready for prime time. To make the transition, split runs are normal. Kodak's microzone makes it easier. The Prosper Stream Inkjet is out there.

At any rate, here's what KBA is doing.
Printing Industry News from WhatTheyThink:
KBA web offset users group continues its annual meeting -

"KBA North America, a global press manufacturer based in Dallas, Texas, continued its popular traditional annual meeting of its KBA Web Offset Users Group by utilizing a new webinar format.

More than 40 KBA web offset user members at 14 different print sites participated in the two-day event over a three-hour time period each day in this first-of-its-kind meeting. The KBA Web Offset Users Group is a formally-chartered organization with bylaws, a board of directors, and its own website.
. . .
the goal of the annual meeting is to maintain communication between members and KBA management, look at efficiencies, share opportunities, and provide feedback to sustain member operations. "The main focus, however, is our relationship with KBA," says Letto. "By purchasing a KBA web press, we've undertaken an important partnership with them. We want to fully preserve that two-way conversation."
What a nice, simple idea.

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