Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ricoh + IBM gets it. They are putting Print Output Nodes on the ground

IBM in the cloud, Ricoh with the hardware for input and output on the ground.

For now, it's all about Transpromo. The InfoPrint plan seems to be pretty simple:
1. Create the metrics.
2. Sell to CMO's.
3. Have the production network at hand to produce the work.

In the future, the InfoPrint Innovation Centers around the world might turn out to be the backbone of a real Distribute and Print network.

Free advice to Ricoh + IBM
Implement the incentives to make every Ricoh MFP person on the ground, the feet on the ground for the network. You can start with Ikon. While selling the MFPs, they gather (and IBM stores) the actionable information that supports Distribute and Print and MPS and more MFPs.

Free advice to everyone else
Ask yourself if there is any production difference between "transpromo" and digitally distributed newspapers or business service print collateral or customized textbook-like product for education. Then consider the market challenge of independent business selling MPS to Medium and Small business.

From today's Press release at WhatTheyThink
(Infoprint continues). . . an innovative marketing technique combining personalized marketing with trusted statements such as bills. This is via the opening of InfoPrint Innovation Centers, coupled with running TransPromo pilot promotions to demonstrate the business benefits of its use.
. . .
"InfoPrint recently opened a regional Printing Innovation Center in Shanghai, China, alongside its Boulder Innovation Center in Colorado and the CoCooN Center - Color Cooperation Network - at Williams Lea in Germany. The centers each boast state-of-the-art capabilities designed to incubate new solutions and ideas, and are focused on encouraging collaboration around next generation printing infrastructure to address current business challenges both locally and globally.

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