Friday, March 13, 2009

Holy Smokes. 2 Biz Press stories on Print in the same week!

added after orignal post on Friday at 6:51 pm est
Ooops! My bad. I thought it was the same story MSNBC picked up earlier in the week. So I got a bit snarky about the business press rewriting the rewrite of someone else's rewrite of a press release. In fact, it seems there were two separate press releases that were each picked up and re written independently. faith in the business press has been restored.:-)

So I changed the headline to: Holy Smokes. 2 Print stories in one week.
Here's the link to the story at the Wall Street Journal

Here's the pitch:
C'mon vendors, let's all get together to use the Printernet to by pass the financial press. InfoPrint did the Press Release on March 10. The WSJ re reported on March 13. If someone printed 200 copies of a full color 4 page newsletter, distributed it the 200 people on Wall Street who care, we could get them information better, cheaper and faster.

And cut out the middle man! And stop wasting our people's time and money, managing the Press.

You can read the original PR release here or the Wall Street Journal below:
Leading Cable Provider Selects InfoPrint and CSG Systems to Enable Personalized, Targeted Communications -
BOULDER, CO -- (MARKETWIRE) -- 03/10/09 --
InfoPrint Solutions Company, a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, today announced it has successfully implemented a colorful, customized and . . .
to LG - thanks for the point to the WSJ.

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