Monday, July 13, 2009

Congrats to Jim Rise and Jeff Blank. Color Cube (Qube) came from Oregon.

I should have guessed it came from Oregon's Silicon Forest. I was pretty sure it didn't come from Stamford Connecticut. I was hoping it came from Rochester. I assumed it came from Japan.

Although I'm from Brooklyn, I love engineers no matter where they live. The fact that it's American based ingenuity is just something that adds to the fun.
Reviewing the week in Oregon tech news -
Silicon Forest:
"• Jim Rise (right), Xerox's top executive in Oregon, is leaving his role as head of the company's solid ink group and becoming a vice president for a North American sales group. He remains the senior executive at Xerox's Wilsonville campus.

• Jeff Blank (below) takes over as vice president of solid ink products. Bank was previously head of solid ink product development and oversaw development of Xerox's new ColorQube printers"

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