Monday, July 13, 2009

Google Tech Talks + YouTube + Clickable Newspaper + Tests = Graduate Education

Here's the link to Google Tech Talks Channel on You Tube. Check it out to see what I mean about the content of graduate education. The YouTube part makes if free and personal TV. View on the mobile, in the living room or on the computer. The Clickable Newspapers are reinvented textbooks.

Tests are to be able to sell certificates. Selling certs is the high margin business.

The Clickable Newspaper (reinvented textbook) piece:

One possible version of the words
This year, a new transportation bill will be working its way through Congress, and now is the time to talk about bold new ideas for a 21st century transportation system. The Transportation for America Campaign, a national coalition to drastically reform the transportation bill, is bringing people together across the country to hear about the projects and visions for change that people have. How we will move people and goods more cheaply and protect our environment? What do we need in a national transportation system to compete in the global market? What do we need to get from our homes to our jobs or to school? How do we build a transportation system that helps us reach our climate change goals?

Join the Google Town Hall Meeting on Transportation to learn about the Transportation for America Campaign, talk about critical transportation needs for the region, and discuss how we can get there. Congress is talking about $500 billion for transportation - what do you want to spend it on?

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The Video

The Conversation
"Why are they going around now after the bill is passed. To think that they just appropriated that amount of cash without prior planning of what was needed and where it should be spent just makes me want to drop a bomb on congress."

"The way she talks about jobs is so typical of a government employee. "We need to create as many jobs as possible". No you don't! You need to ensure efficient and cost effective transportation. Part of that is only creating as many jobs as necessary. . . . I guess if you have $500 Billion to throw around you could just give everybody a shovels to maintain the roads and get full employment in a jiffy."

"Google CEO Eric Schmidt is on the board of directors of "New America Foundation". They talk alot about the "new" NAU rail system coming. People have no clue."

"I am a threat to the industry. I am a threat to workers in white-collar. I am a threat to the old. I make history. I Make Industry. I make Innovation"
Publish in a Clickable Newspaper for High School Kids. Compare and Contrast. Repeat as needed.

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