Monday, July 13, 2009

MPS, MFP, Google Apps. A twitter exchange.

Interesting-to-me exchange over at Twitter this morning.
infotrends_mps@ToughLoveforX Not sure that I see the #mps cxn... for MFP-connected doc mgmt and collaboration, definitely!
The issue-to-me under discussion is the idea that indpendent MPS should become Google App resellers. The exchange is about the connection of MPS to Google Apps. The argument for independent MPS is that it can level the playing field when the globals come in with the IT piece. Usually that just makes it harder to get any respect from the IT people in the Enterprise.

Earlier this morning I did at post about Google Apps + Indpendent MPS.

Since it's hard to have a nuanced exchange 140 characters at a time, here's how I see it.

The greatest value is created by solving the hardest problem. The hardest problem in every enterprise is information overload. All the globals have systems to solve the information overload problem. For my money, I would take Google Apps over any of them for lots of reasons. Mostly because I already know how to use Google. Secondly because Google has no choice but to continue with seamless up grades.

If I were still in the game, the $50/seat selling price would be a pretty easy sell. Add to that Google has an online program to learn how to integrate their software, and it seems to get to a "why wouldn't I do that" plateau. Always the right place to be to make a risk/benefit decision.

Late last week I learned that Sharp boxes have open access to the Cloud. I assume, but don't know that all the serious MFP's have access to the Cloud. Ricoh speaks to IBM and SAP in the enterprise. I assume each box manufacturer and VAR will speak to parts of the Cloud.

Probably there are some patches that still have to be refined. It's probably already done, but haven't gotten on my radar.

The way I see the value of MPS is that it enables content and collaboration happen in the Cloud AND enables that content to be output in Print anywhere, anytime. As soon as you cut through the Print is Dead blabla and focus on the fact that Print is the most mobile push media, it seems clear to me, that MFPs acheive their breakthrough value when they are seen as on and off ramps to the Cloud.


  1. Oh wait, wait... I think I figured it out!

    Did you mean Managed Service Providers (MSPs)? Moving into the cloud, SaaS, etc?

  2. I just figured out the possbile confusion

    The deal is the MSP = Managaed Service Providers to you is MPS = Managed Print Services to me.

    SPM= special project management ,:_) so


    Don't you just lover acronyms. LOL

  3. Good points on MPS as on and off ramps to the cloud. One of the insights I had while at Ricoh Innovations was looking at MFPs as interface devices that connected legacy content (printed materials) with the digital world. We talked about a 'Scan to Facebook/Scan to Twitter' type option on MFPs that would let you share docs, magazine articles, etc. with others on the web.

  4. Great point about the scan to facebook functionality. Since I'm focused on education, that would mean that student work could be scanned and stored at a wiki or a google app.

    Given what I know after years in various classrooms, Paper is the "must have" to scale in ed. All the push about computers in the classroom will be replaced by pull from the classroom if there were a seamless connection between print and web.

    The disruptive driver is "open school night." if a teacher could easily show a parent what a student has been doing mommy and daddy are brought into the mix. Once that happens, most discipline problems, for all except 5% of the students, go away.

    If the students work is delivered in print, it has a much greater effect. Print allows the kid, mom, dad and teh teacher to all look at the same thing at the same time. It makes it almost impossible for the kid to try talk his way out of the fact that the work is the work.

    It works pretty much the same in almost every enterprise. when the sales figures are printed out, distributed to everyone around the table, it's a much better incentive to stop the blabla and figure out how to sell more.