Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mimeo (HP + Goldman Sachs) keeps coming and coming. A new production facility in the UK is next.

Investors in Mimeo include Goldman Sachs and HP.
If Mimeo gets a facility in Asia or Australia, then grows from there, maybe they will have the best of all printernets for business communication. It's what happens when Fedex, UPS and USPS are just too slow and expensive.

Distribute and print will be better, faster, cheaper. W2P connects it to the Cloud. Zero cost file sending and tracking.
Mimeo brings its on-demand print services for corporates into Europe with UK website
"US digital print firm Mimeo has taken its first steps in a bid to expand into Europe with the establishment of a UK web�site and plans to open a Eu��ropean manufacturing centre.

The web-based company has launched, offering UK pricing and paper formats. It is also in the process of recruiting a 20-strong sales force to target the UK market.

Mimeo chief executive Adam Slutsky said: '5% of our business is outside of the US without us even marketing it as an option.'

Initially, the firm will print work for the UK at its New Jersey factory on the east coast of the US and then ship it into the UK.

However, it plans to have a European manufacturing centre in operation by the end of 2010. By then, it also plans to have rolled out the service to Germany and France.'We estimate that the western European market is 70% of the size of the US,' said Slutsky."

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