Saturday, September 5, 2009

An Open Twitter Experiment connecting Print to the Web to radically lower the cost of Professional Education in K-12.

The Hypothesis:
There is a way to combine anywhere/time video with a simple printed document to deliver Professional Development at a zero cost.

The method:
This morning I sent out the following tweet.
A Thought Model for $0 Science PD. Please help with your thoughts and comments. I think this can work. #education
The "Document" Properties

1. It can be easily printed on a MFP in the schools.

2. Color would be nice, but not all necessary.

3. if TinyPurls were used as the human readable urlsit would emit the information exchange data that would make them transparent and thus build accountability into the system.

4. If CodeZ QR were included, it could allow a "Click on the Print. Watch on the Flat Screen in the front of the classroom or the living room and emit the appropriate data stream.

5. If PDFs were assembled into a newspaper output, it would allow a new media for learning in schools and communities.

The use case
Teachers receive a printed flyer in their mailboxes on Friday morning.

It might read:
Sometime before our discussion on Tuesday.

1. Please watch A Taste for Insects

2. Please review the California Standards for Biology/Life Science.

3. On Tuesday, be ready to share two ideas about how this might work for your class in the coming two weeks."

A Taste for Insects
How did the passion for collecting and collections of Darwin, Wallace and others of their period force them to understand and explain biodiversity? What is the legacy of this period of adventure and species discovery and how is it a vital part of current and future evolutionary research? Join Kipling Will, Associate Director of the Essig Museum of Entomology, UC Berkeley for this exploration. (#16071)

You can watch the Video at

You can review K-12 Educational Standards/ Standards for Grade(s): 6-12/ Biology/Life Sciences /Evolution

The Context: in tweets.
1. RT @complexdays Angela Davis: How Does Change Happen ? me: UCTV+ #clickableprint = free PD in HS #education?

2. If Professional Development were free, it would pay for many tchrs/art/science kits in #education. Find a local printer or #MPS who gets it.
The evidence:
Check back here or on twitter @ToughLoveforX . As data comes in I will share what is interesting-to-me.

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