Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Riso keeps on keeping on. It's about evolution.

I found this in my OutputLinks morning email.

A Mid-Volume Statement Service Provider Shifts from Over Printing Static Offset Forms with Monochrome Data to Single-Pass Full Variable Color Production in Its Evolution toward TransPromo.

The money paragraphs follow:
RISO ComColor printers employ industrial-strength Piezo inkjet print head technology to print at speeds up to 150 ppm or 9,000 full color pages per hour for a full color printing cost of less than 3 cents, and a monochrome printing cost of one-half cent or less per page.

. . . duty cycles of 500,000 while eliminating any special power requirements or the need for additional cooling.
"in Its Evolution toward TransPromo"
Transpromo is not an end state. The value proposition is crystal clear on the face. The real issue is that it's a constantly evolving practice. Buying any box is merely one more step in a natural evolution whose pace is determined by needs of present customers.

The trick is not where to go, but how to get from here to there.

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