Friday, October 30, 2009

This Morning's Press Releases and a thought provoking post by Dr Joe Webb

One of my favorite things is Following are the interesting(2me) PR releases I found. I hope some of them are interesting(4U).
Net earnings up at Valassis. | "FSI Q3 $92.6 million, up 1.3% |
FSI's are a perfect print product.
They have evolved over along time to facilitate exchange. I'm pretty sure that if the FSI format was repurposed in the service of learning, it could be a killer app. The excess capacity and low cost/per information delivered makes FSI's and newspapers in general a perfectly evolved tool with a close to real time delivery logisitics to give textbooks in K 12 a real run for their money.

Vistaprint reports 27% increase in revenue <> Print is back
Vista results show that W2P and the SMB space probably has a long way to run.
"open Application Programming Interface (API) capabilities of both XMPie and Twitter tools" | Go Xerox !
Putting together Twitter and Xmpie to create QR codes and Rurls? (It's their word. I assume it's Relational URL or a typo) is a great step. This is the first one to get on my radar.

Grafica Editora Pallotti buys a Goss M-600 press for new facility, Sao Leopoldo, Southern Brazil
I think the tweet speaks for itself.
Interesting graph @WhatTheyThink by @wttrec <>
As usual Dr Joe Webb raises issues beyond the Print industry. In this one he highlights the dangers in using "data" to make predications about what's next.

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  1. Interesting bits of news. The Xerox move to integrate social media into XMPie (if they can do Twitter, other media should also be possible) moves them forward (btw, RURL's are explained as 'personalized Response URL's'). Nice move by Xerox.