Sunday, October 25, 2009

How a Print global can get market share in the United States High School education industry.

The short story is to invent new ways to use Print to help Knowledge Works to fruther their mission and develop new business models.
KnowledgeWorks: developing and implementing innovative & effective approaches to high school education in the States.

The longer story
If you follow my tweets, you will see the data points. Consistent with my academic training so many years ago, I learned to find the footnotes first. Maybe someday it will evolve into a book.

With all the buzz about emerging markets in BRIC countries, an under appreciated "emerging market" in the United States is our education delivery system at the bottom of the pyramid.

Clearly it's broken and much too expensive for the new normal. I don't think it's necessary to make the argument, but suffice it to say that
ToughLoveforX Chicago has some 50,000 #HSdropouts between the ages of 16 and 21.
ToughLoveforX "four schools “that give us 51 percent of our #hsdropouts," Seattle. | The right lens is epidemiology
And most importantly:
ToughLoveforX "On any given day, nearly 23 percent of all young Black men ages 16 to 24 who are #HSdropouts are in jail, ..." St Louis
As usual, new business processes are not implemented until the old ones are broken. Given the financial stress in the States and the new sheriffs in Washington, it's clear that a system that was designed to filter and time train agricultural workers is no longer sustainable. Now that America is forced to compete for resources with the rest of the world, wasteful systems are running out of money. Like other businesses, when the money stops coming, new business models emerge.

The disruptive innovation is online learning.
The overhead of much of the education business is becoming unnecessary. Once overhead costs are changed into variable costs, learning can scale to the bottom of the pyramid.
ToughLoveforX "expected to grow, because virtual learning programs are popping up all over." | Gr8 for #hsdropouts & ed budgets.
ToughLoveforX "The state of Missouri runs a virtual school", | Gr8 for #hsdropouts & ed budgets.
ToughLoveforX "districts now can get state funding for virtual. . The law was changed this summer". | Gr8 for #hsdropouts & ed budgets.
ToughLoveforX "students in college , working on high school degree . Similar program in South Texas .. great success." #hsdropouts
Print will fit in different places in different ways. That's the hard part. Seeing where the whol thing is headed is the easy part.
RT @ManiBodhi Map of Future Forces Affecting Education | Brilliant. One fav: "Agile, smart schools"
From the National Association of Scholars at Princeton comes the clearest most sensible story about what formal education might look like in 10 and 20 years out.
"In 2024, the movement to close state colleges and universities crested." National Association of Scholars at Princeton

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