Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Score for Xerox! MPS and Marketing with Universal Orlanda Resort

From Press Release
Xerox worked with Universal to study the organization's work processes, and the costs associated with printing, sharing and updating scripts, proposals and promotional material. Using its Lean Six Sigma-based assessment, Xerox designed an office environment that aligns to Universal's print budget targets, security policies and environmental sustainability objectives. The company provided on-site training and change management tips to help Universal's team members adapt to the new technology and work processes."
The following is the really interesting part. It's a lovely example of bringing together the MPS piece with the marketing piece. Very nice.
Universal also collaborated with Xerox to test a cross-media, one-to-one marketing campaign leveraging industry-leading XMPie® PersonalEffect® software. For Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 19 (, the two companies co-developed and launched an e-mail marketing campaign using the customization capabilities of PersonalEffect. A personalized video and poster were created in which the recipient's name and other relevant information is featured in both print and sound.

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