Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The value of Print + 2d codes in Education is to create actionable intelligence.

An under appreciated fact about K -12 education is the amount of time wasted in non value producing activities. The inconvenient truth is that at the bottom of the pyramid, the time on task is minimized because of a combination of business processes and a student population that has not internalized middle class norms.

The usual reponse has been to spend significant resources to inculcate "middle class" values. Based on results, the benefits earned have been minimal given the results attained.

Another approach that seems to be working is to focus on early warning signals and then appropriately intervene to keep a small problem from becoming a large problem. The research says that failing a course as a freshman, attendance issues and homework non compliance are good early warning signs that a student is at risk of becoming a high school dropout.

The real problem is getting real time data that can be turned into actionable information to respond to the first signs of failure.

This morning, I stumbled across a blog post by Andy Ramsden at QR codes at Bath .

1. student accesses their profile on institutional website and visits their assignment area. This displays what assignments are due to be handed in, and when. They print of the assignment cover sheet. This automatically includes lots of details, including a QR Code. The QR Code contains the unique ID (student number), unit and assignment number.

2. when they hand in the assignment they include the coversheet (as they have to anyway)

3. the assignment is scanned using something like
Step 4 is the pay off.
4. the details are logged. This enables staff to run various reports, and cross reference with extensions etc., they can also identify who hasn’t submitted and contact them if required.

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